Akari Kanzaki
Battle Athletes Victory

Cosplayer: White Tigress

Variant: Antarctica training uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th January 2017: Leotard 2 Its about done now :) Just some tiny tweaks but I dont wanna do anything until I get some ballet tights so I can make sure I get the adjustments right :/ Leotards are way harder than bodysuits as the legholes must be right X_X Think they are fine tho. I have redone a few seams today to make them look much nicer.

Next up will be the crop top. I have been looking through my wardrobe for an old shirt to pattern from an found the old top I have used for Race for Life a few years back. Doubt Ill be wearing it again so can take it apart if need be :P Its perfect apart from the sleeves, but im sure I can work it out :)

Also heres the complete new bandanna :D Its wider now so the clips will be well hidden

5th January 2017: Happy New year! First bit of progress of the year!

I have restyled the wig and used the heat method this time, which had worked out much better. It looks neater, feels more sturdier and doesnt feel gooey either.

I am also redoing the bandanna and bow, This time I am using Poplin as it's softer and a more pleasant shade of yellow. The main intention is that the wefts show under my previous attempt so made them wider and more 90's animesque.

The leotard is at least 90% done. I can easily finish it tonight but it's the one part of the costume I dont wanna mess up so gonna wait til im more alert. The wristbands have arrived too.

31st December 2016: Oh my The leotard is nearly done. The stress is sort of getting to me as I have gained a lot of weight lately. Slimming bodysuits and tights should help.

The clips are on the wefts and they are perfect for them. I noticed one of them was thicker than the other so l thinned down one of them and donated it on the other. scrap wig fibres were glued around the clips to disguise them and the remaining caulk As a result I will have to remake the bandanna to hide them all better. The yellow was just scraps found in my sewing box so it wasnt much. Gonna have to respray the curls as my sewing room is under maintenance and been distorted as a result.

Orange wristbands are on the way!

12th December 2016: Leotard Its coming together fine :) Still got some shaping up to do.

To pattern leotards I start by making some kind of bodycon dress. Just started with a crop top, followed by the pink panels then blue. Still got plenty of neatening up left to do.

I used the same method for Sailor Jupiter years ago.

7th December 2016: So much hairspray >.> Ordered some weft clips from CosCraft so they may be there in a day or so.

All the fabric for the leotard is here. Just need to get in the zone first.

May need to give the base wig and bandana a wash once the spraying is done -_- They are so icky!

5th December 2016: Wig My Akari wig is is mostly done. Just got to wait for the wefts to finish drying up and somehow attach them to my head. I plan to give them a firetruck ton of hairspray to stiffen them a little.

Bandana and bow are made from some cotton that has been lying around.

Think I had gone overkill cutting the sides but I think it looks so cute :D

I have some blue and black spandex for the leotard. My cat found the pink (that was left over from Asuka) and used it as a scratching toy >< git! I have a black zipper too and it should be started soon.

4th November 2016: Wig ordered Went for Toffee brown instead

28th September 2016: Pre-project notes I am already planning ahead for this :)

Considering I might have some pink lycra left I may end up doing the training outfit she wears in Antarctica. If I feel uneasy in the leotard I can just add the shorts from the biking episodes, which should be easy.

Im currently looking at the Alex wig in Chestnut Brown. Im really looking forward to the day I style it.