Leon Magnus
Tales of Destiny

Cosplayer: Exelia

Variant: Tales of Link - School

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

14th June 2016: AnimeCon! A quick selfie from AnimeCon. I barely wore this at the event (maybe 2-3 hours?), but had a total blast and it made a nice change from my other ridiculously pink costumes!

Costume wore nicely, I could make some tweaks in the future but it was good to throw on and relax in :)

4th May 2016: Finished! All done now! The only thing left to do is trim some of the wig and add some layers, but that should be quick and easy.

Some little adjustments.. I took in the sides of the jacket by about 2-3 inches total after my test wear so it fits my shape better, and matches the reference better than a looking like a big empty sack. I also got smaller buttons to help with the proportions under the collar and added the buttonholes - it looks so clean!! A nice press and tidy, and the jacket looks much nicer than before.

Finally the cuffs went on last and closed up the jacket, they're probably a little narrower than they should be from the art but I think they look less dorky on my stubby arms. For such a simple, dumb costume project I'm really happy with how it's turned out and it should be a nice break from girly makeup at AnimeCon!

3rd May 2016: Jacket Mostly finished here - the buttons will be replaced with smaller gold buttons, and the cuffs still need to be added but you get the idea :]

You can also see the tie here! It was incredibly quickly made and is super lazy but looks pretty good. The stripes are wider than they are in the reference, but I think this looks a better scale on a person.

3rd May 2016: Materials The materials for this were mostly free, since I had tons of navy suiting around. It's a tad dark but it looks nicer for a jacket, I think.

The check pattern for the collar and cuffs was made from a pyjama shirt I found in Tesco. It was the only one with no barcode so clearly it was a SIGN. The blue isn't exact, but I really liked it against the navy so hey ho. Sadly because I used a shirt for the pattern it means the jacket is a teeny bit shorter than it should be because there wasn't enough length in the fabric!

3rd May 2016: Embroidery I vectored the 'D' emblem on the jacket to be embroidered. Here it issss. The tail on the D is slightly longer than the reference, but I really like it anyway.