Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Cosplayer: Lotta Dev

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

5th May 2016: The Wrap Dress At least wrap dress is what I've seen other people call it... honestly I have no idea what it's called or what it's meant to be. The long scarf like drapey thing that Rey wears. That.
For this I bought a load of muslin from a fabric shop near me. I think it was called 'organic' or 'natural' muslin; it's a pale beige kind of colour, similar to the top I bought. The width was about 147cm, I bought 3m of it, and divided it into sections of 60cm so that I had 4 pieces to make it, and one extra piece.
Then, using a sewing machine, I sewed the long edges of each piece together and turned them inside out, so that the material was doubled up (its quite thin) and there weren't frayed edges. Using the spare piece I practised gathering the material by hand, which you can find really easy tutorials for on youtube. You just do a long running stitch along the edge and then sort of pull the material together.... I have no idea how to explain it, my bad.
Once I'd practised and was happy with my technique, I used this to connect the four pieces into two pieces. Where the gathered seams are is where they rest on the shoulders, so the underside is facing out. Whilst wearing the fabric draped over my shoulders I worked out how long I wanted it to be, and then cut it to length - it goes to about mid-shin.
Working out how Rey wears it really confused me for a while, until I realised that the material crosses at her front but not at her back. So once I'd worked that out, I connected the ends of the front and back pieces on my left side with another running stitch but less gathered than at the shoulders. Lastly I cut the unconnected bottom edges again, but more messily so they look a bit tatty and frayed.
And that's all for now. I still need to weather the material, making it look a bit more dusty and old, but I can't do that for another couple of weeks as I'm not at home right now.

4th May 2016: Sleeves and Wrist Cuff For the sleeves I bought some cotton crepe bandages which are the perfect colour (two packets measuring 10cm by 4.5m each). I wrapped them round my arms, with a little help from my sister, and worked out where to place some velcro at the ends to keep it in place. It took a couple of goes to get it accurate, but now they both completely wrap around the length of my arm and secure at the ends. Completely happy with them! There are some leftover bits of bandage which I will possibly use for the hand grip parts of the staff.

When looking up the wrist cuff, I came across a Cosplay Tumblr where they had a load of stuff for a Rey cosplay -
In that there was a link to a thread about Rey's costume from another site, on a particular page where there is a pattern for the cuff. I don't know where the source for this is or who made it, but it works!
I had to keep adapting it a little to make it fit my own wrist, and ended up making three different ones. I then realised afterwards that with the bandages round my arms my wrist measurement would be thicker anyways, so I didn't actually need to keep making it smaller... oops. So I've scrapped the smallest one, but I'm keeping the larger two as they both fit well, and that way I can have a spare on the day just in case.
They are made of brown faux leather, and all I had to do was draw out the shape and then cut it. Fairly easy!

19th April 2016: Progress So Far The first thing I bought was the trousers, which was in January. I ordered some that looked good on Amazon, and they were about £7 overall. Unfortunately the actual colour was darker than how they looked online (I ordered them in Mocha), and much darker than Rey's are in the film. I then ordered some different ones on eBay, but those went out of stock so I couldn't get them. In the end, I decided it didn't really matter that they were too dark, as the only person who'd care is me. Other than the colour they seem perfect to me, and are very light and comfy! This is the link:

I didn't want to spend too much money on the boots, and though I did find some really similar/good quality brown cable knit boots online, they were just more than I was willing to pay for shoes that I probably wouldn't ever wear other than for cosplay. So I figured I'd just buy some cheap fake Ugg boots. And luckily, I found some in my size in a charity shop for only £1!

Today I bought a creamy beige coloured t-shirt for £4 in Peacocks, cut and hemmed the sleeves shorter, and then cut and hemmed the neckline. It is definitely not the neatest thing ever, but I don't really care to be honest. Unless someone gets all up in my space and inspects the hems, then it looks fine.

I have also started the staff. There was a good tutorial for one on tumblr, but as far as I can tell that person's blog has now been deleted. At least I made a note of things and read it all through first! I'm going to do a separate journal post for the staff once I've finished it.