Cosplayer: Exelia

Variant: Manga

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

18th June 2016: Stage Accessories Not the greatest photo, but for our performance I also made a couple of stage props. One of them was this blanket for Chii to sleep under inspired by the "A City With No People" books in the Chobits series. It's nothing too special but it's a cute reference to the series and we needed a blanket anyway, so why not!
All made from micro fleece with felt details, attached with bondaweb and then appliqued with a loose zigzag stitch.
I also painted a tambourine for myself! Sumomo has a 6-jingle red tambourine, but all I could find were plain ones so a quick dab of paint fixed that right up. For stage I glued all of the jingles together and to the tambourine to reduce noise, else it was way too loud for me to hear our audio and perform!

14th June 2016: AnimeCon! Well this was it! PopcornKuma and I wore Chii and Sumomo for the finals of Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup at AnimeCon in the Netherlands and we had a blast! The whole competition was EXCELLENT, so many amazing acts - as soon as there's a video I'll pop up a link!

Our costumes were both finished to a really nice standard and I'm really happy with them. Our performance also went really well - much smoother than I expected - and so many people responded to us, which was amazing!

We did get some feedback from one of the judges, which was positive and constructive. From their feedback, the main issue with my costume was that the colours didn't match the references 100% - which was actually intentional on my part, and I probably should have mentioned it on the day - but it's fair feedback! Otherwise they loved the shape and construction on the costume (phew)!

Feedback for the performance was that it "lacked punch" - which is also fair! XD We didn't want to do anything too ambitious, so we kept it simple and just had fun with it instead. We never ever expected to place or win, but to hear that they enjoyed our performance was really reassuring and I'm really grateful that they did. We both worked hard to go through the routine, discuss motions and what would look good on stage, so as long as people enjoyed it that's all that ever mattered.

I can't say working on Sumomo was always enjoyable - I almost tore my hair out and gave up on the competition completely at one point - but actually doing it and getting such a good response to our costumes made it all worthwhile. I hope we represented the UK well and people were proud of what we did on stage!

14th May 2016: Finished! Once again no make-up but IT IS DONEEEE

Sleeves sewn, everything positioned! This costume somehow magically makes me look tiny and stubby which is exactly what I wanted. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and it moves really easily for being so big - fingers crossed it all goes well on stage at AnimeCon!!

14th May 2016: Hat - 3 Hat is now finished!! Excuse horrid make-up free face, but here's a selfie of the finished costume!

The hat has large cover buttons for the side toggles, and has the darker panel at the bottom attached. I'm really happy with it! It's been handsewn into the wig to keep it all in place and has the ponytail sewn in place on the back too. It's surprisingly not that heavy to wear either, yay!

13th May 2016: Hat - 2 Also featuring wig! (Still not quite finished but you get the idea). The curls in the ponytail are a work in progress, I've been testing different styles for Sumomo other than a cartoony drill curl.

Hat has been covered in the same pink fabric as everything else, then pinned into place. The hat is seamless in the art and while this means there is some gather around my head, it matches the look of the rest of the costume, and the wig should also help disguise it a little bit. It still has the darker pink detail to be attached and the buttons to the sides.

The hat will now be stuffed to help sit nice and full, the ponytail will be sewn into place on the back, pink details added and then that's it! Yayyyy

13th May 2016: Hat - 1 The beginnings of a hat! Hurrah! I wanted something light to sew into the wig for maximum security, so I used some leftover fosshape I had (a material designed for millinery - google it and check it out!)

Fosshape was heated over an old bevelled lamp fitting twice, then cut to shape, then sewn together. That is what you see here. The curve at the side isn't perfect, but I think this is a more realistic take on what her hat actually looks like, instead of a padded "roll" like most others seem to do - in back references it's an actual hat, so I'm gonna make it as one!!

After this bit was sewn some batting was sewn to cover it, then it was covered with fabric!

11th May 2016: Costume - 6 Here the legs are finished (AT LAST), with the first sleeve tacked on and the sash in place! WOOOO

The sleeves are made very similar to the legs, but needed a lot of tweaking. Again they are mostly handsewn in place, but thankfully the sleeves are much more forgiving than the legs and aren't as much work. The sleeves help keep the whole costume in place so it's important they have a lot of strength!

You can also see the sash here! The shorter edge is finished here with the beads sewn in place, and with the little tie secured at the side (though this will be at the back of the costume when it's finished - this is just to show the shape). The longer side still needs some work and all of it's beads yet but it shouldn't take too long!

The middle sash tie is sewn into place and will be sewn to a "cuff" around the middle to create the bow look. Then the longer sash will wrap around my waist and then fold through the cuff, securing with a hook and bar inside the cuff so it LOOKS tied but is actually much more secure when moving. It's a bit complicated (no kidding), but it's the easiest way to keep it looking perfect!

This costume is so exhausting but there's very little left to go now - once the sleeves and sash are done, there's just the wig, collar and props to go! Rejoice \o/

11th May 2016: Costume - 5 Not the most flattering photo ever, but costume progress! WOOOO

Here you can see the bodysuit fully sewn. The pink trim around the top was sewn by hand in place whilst the costume was worn, because it's basically impossible to sew anything to this without stretch. It was the bane of my LIFE but it's done now! It also looks odd here because the final costume will be worn without a bra underneath, which makes it sit funny for test shots.

The biggest job so far has been sewing the legs - these bad boys are HUGE. The top layer is 3m wide, with 3m wadding, and then 2.5m lining for each leg - all of it gathered by hand, and all of it secured... by hand. THEN machine sewn for extra strength because damn this costume is gonna move.

As with the top of the bodysuit, this was handsewn in place to get the correct fit and took an absolute age to do, but it looks amazing for it. My sister kindly helped with most of it and has the patience of a saint, clearly.

Here the legs are sewn with all 3 layers in place, but not gathered at the bottom just yet!

11th May 2016: Wig - 3 Both of the wig lace sections are done and sewn in, so all the base wig needs now is some styling! I added some rough curls with hairspray here, but it still needs some work - good news is, it looks pretty spot on for what I wanted, and just needs a bit more refining. Yay!

Hoping to start the drill curl tomorrow. Gulp

11th May 2016: Sash - 2 The sash is almost finished! The bottom edge on the opposite end is a little wonky so that will need some work before it's finished, but it's looking pretty ace.

This photo is of some of the beading I've been adding around the bottom of the shorter end. There are 10 beads on this edge and 11 on the opposite edge to fit with the proportions of the sash. I also managed to perfect the tie in the middle which needs some extra sewing and securing, but looks great so far. Not much more to go! :D

11th April 2016: Sash - 1 Something is happening WOOOO

This is the sash so far. The swirl panels are made from the same velvet as the bodysuit. They haven't been appliqued just yet, and I'm also hoping to add some decorative beading to them to add a little bling to the costume but they've turned out pretty nicely so far! The main sash will have some batting or interfacing inside to help with the and keep it nice and smooth.

The patterns were drawn by hand onto paper, then transferred to the fabric using bondaweb. Once transferred, they were then cut out and ironed onto the sash to end up like this. The bottom strip is also made from the same fabric and is bondawebbed on too. The patterns are a little inconsistent in references but I like what I've ended up with.

I'm really happy with the colours; I was worried the dye was too dark or too close to the fabric for the patterns, but after a couple of washes to clear the excess dye it turned out pretty much spot on. Hurrah!

The beads for the bottom have also had two coats of gloss and are drying - they look SO MUCH BETTER than the original dull ones! I also have the baby pink round beads to go with them along the bottom trim which matches the main pink on the costume. Hurray!

11th April 2016: Dye - 2 Here you can see the dyed sash! Very roughly tied, so do forgive but you get the idea. Either end was dip dyed to get the gradient effect, and though it's a little hard to see here the panel in roughly the middle that will form the tie for the bow is dyed too.

Using iDye for gradient was not easy nor fun and I wouldn't recommend it. Using Dylon is much much easier but sadly needs must when using 100% polyester!

7th April 2016: Dye - 1 The beads and iDye Poly packets arrived, so I got straight to testing the dye. The dye was to be used on the waist sash panel on both ends and also approx 1/3 in to match the gradients, but also on the beads if they didn't match too well.

The beads arrived and they were lush and rosy, but I wanted them to be a little closer so I dyed them anyway. The first attempt (pictured) turned out wonderfully, but when I actually dyed the rest of the beads.. around 22 of them.. they turned out far too dark and had to be stripped and redyed. Because of this they're matte now, but the colour is good and some gloss should fix them right up.

It felt like being some kind of alchemist, dyeing plastic beads hahah! MAGIC.

I also dyed the sash panel; I dyed it three times on each piece to create the splodgy, watercolour style shading in the artwork I'm using for reference. So far the colour is similar to the bodysuit but a bit lighter - perfect!

Once the beads are glossed and the fabric is dry I'll be sorting the length, adding applique detailing and putting the new shiny bead trim around the bottom. Yay!

31st March 2016: Beads I also ordered the beads for the fringing on the bottom of the sash recently! These are 40mmx10mm beads from "Yummy Treasures" on Etsy, imported from the USA. I wasn't sure whether to go for pink or red beads based on the references, so I kept putting off ordering them. I eventually caved and ordered 24 of the rosy pink beads pictured here, fingers crossed they match nicely.

Thankfully since I needed iDye for the fabric anyway... iDye can be used on acrylic, and these are acrylic beads so if they aren't quite right I can dye them a little bit. At least, that's the plan! Should be much tidier than painting them too, if I do need to adjust the colour.

I still need the smaller round beads to go with these, but I can get those locally so they're less urgent.

31st March 2016: Costume - 4 Here's all the pieces for Sumomo, finally cut out and ready!! Both fabrics are really slippery to cut, so it's taken forever. But it's all good now!

I also tried the Dylon dye - no good! The pink is pure polyester, so I've ordered some iDye Poly in Pink and Crimson to dye it with instead. Hopefully it'll arrive soon and I can get it patterned!

29th March 2016: Costume - 3 I cut out the rest of the fabric for the main costume today; the legs have approx 3 metres for the outer layer, 2 metres for the inner lining and 3 metres of wadding PER LEG so they are going to be the biggest pants EVER. I SWEAR. THE BIGGEST. They've also taken forever and a day to cut out and need to be gathered by hand (sob) but they should be worth it if they give me the shape I'm after!!

Also having some fun with dye tonight. For Sumomo's sash I want to use the same baby pink fabric as everything else, but gradient it to a darker pink as in the manga art. I'm not sure on the polyester/cotton blend ratio so I'm not sure Dylon will work, but I'm going to give it a go and if it's not suitable source some poly dye elsewhere.

29th March 2016: Wig - 2 Woooo wig progress. The first lace front section has been added and the second is underway!

The lace front section is sewn in by hand. The lace is actually away from the hairline (trimmed to allow extra space and less bulk under the panel), but once it is swept back it covers the gap completely and lines the lace with my forehead. Yay!

Admittedly I had a lot of help with the lacefronting, my hands aren't precise at all and I find it really tough. My sister taught me how to do it and started off a lot of the panel and though my bits are a little messy I'm really happy with the overall look so far!

Next up is adding the second section to the wig and then trimming and styling, yay! Once that's done, it'll all need smoothing and hairspraying, ready for the hat and ponytail once they're made. I can't wait to give it a test and see how it looks once the second lace panel is added!

23rd March 2016: Costume - 2 ..Or more appropriately, "sleeves!!"
As said in the last entry, after assuming Sumomo's sleeves sat on her upper arm I checked my references and actually, they fit over her shoulders. Which is perfect! From this, the whole bodysuit will be supported from the top and this is how I'm going to do it. At first I considered using nude fabric/netting to create a bodysuit to the neck, but with this structure I no longer need to.

The sleeves are made from 3 panels; the first 2 are the inner structure, made of a strap (1) and small puff sleeve (2). This will connect to the front and back of the bodysuit and provide an internal support and keep the sleeves held up in place.

1 connects to the front of the bodysuit and the back and measures around 15 inches, whereas 2 is a tad longer so it fits under the arm. I didn't want a full strap sitting inside, so it only extends where it needs to, to reduce bulk inside the arm. Testing it on the bodysuit I mocked up worked really well, so hopefully it will for the final version too. I'm also considering putting bra straps through 1 to give it more support, but that'll be added later. This "inner sleeve" is pictured at the top right.

The outer puff (3) is pinned in place here, connecting to the outer edge of 1 at the top and the outer edge of 2 at the bottom. It is slightly longer than 1 and 2 combined, so it also stands over the original shape and has space for a nice layer of wadding inside. As you can see in the bottom 2 pictures, it's a little flat overall at the moment, but has a great wide shape. The fabric needs to be a bit wider and have thinner wadding inside to help it sag like hers do in the artwork, I think, so I'll be fixing that up for the final version. I might also make them a little longer overall, since her arms are short and it'll help with the proportions a lot.

For a first attempt I think it turned out pretty nicely!

18th March 2016: Costume - 1 I labelled this as 'costume' because I have no idea how the heck else to describe it. The way I'm going to make Sumomo is as an all-in-one for ease of wearing it on stage; I've seen so many who do the trousers separately (ugly seam lines under bodysuit), and I want this to look clean and cartoony with as few lines as possible.

The sleeves will be attached to the bodysuit at the top, with hidden straps sewn in place. This means the sleeves will act as the support for the whole costume. At first I assumed the sleeves sat lower, but because they sit over her shoulders this makes planning much easier! The sleeves will be gathered and secured with elastic.

The bodysuit will have the legs sewn into place around each leg hole. The legs are being made similar to how you sew a sleeve; one large panel with an inner seam, to sit around the leg, rather than connecting at the crotch or inside leg to form trousers. It should make it much easier to move in, and there's less chance of the crotch sagging from the weight of each leg this way.

The legs are made from almost 3 metres of fabric EACH, gathered with 2oz wadding inside. The prototype pictured here was approx 2.5m wide with 4oz wadding, which was far too thick and collapsed a little when worn, so I'm opting for more fabric but thinner materials to help keep the shape puffy. The legs have also been adjusted to be longer, and the ankles will be gathered with elastic.

The final fabric for the bodysuit is like a low-pile stretch velvet, which at first I thought was totally inappropriate but I liked the texture - only to find a lot of gymnastic and dance leotards use this exact stuff. Winning!

15th March 2016: Wig - 1 For Sumomo's supplies, I started with the wig. I want all of the colours to match well and wigs are always the hardest to get to tie in so, why not start with it and build from there!

I'm also super picky with pinks, so I wanted something really cute for her and not too "hot pink" but also not too muted. The wig is a Katinka and Long Clip in Magenta from Arda Wigs - it almost looks metallic, which should help add to the persocom look of the costume.

The clip has been trimmed and will have a core added to create the drill curl. The rest of the wefts from the clip will be used to bulk out the ponytail itself, and as you can see here, to create lace patches. The front of her hair is swept up either side of the fringe, so I'm creating small sections (approx 1.5 inch wide) to create the fake hairline on either side. It's my first time lace fronting anything and it's been tedious, but it should be worth it!

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This is gonna be soooooooo cute <3

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Amy-Lou - 14th June 2016
So adorable! You did a wonderful job of the poofyness and the performance was a lot of fun :D

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Looks amazing. Also Sumomo is best girl in Chobits ;)

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Thanks everyone! <3

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I cant get over how great you and Bernie looked <3 ahhh this costume is just utter perfection *3*

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Love this so much, super cute and poofy!