Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~

Cosplayer: FlyingMammal

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th November 2010: MCM Expo October 2010 WOW, as soon as Arte walked into the expo hall, someone wanted her photo :D I was pretty chuffed. They said they are doing Hazaki in May. So I will have to look out for them.

I was shocked that she was recognised 10 times, yes I counted. That was people actually saying to her you're Arte or, you're from Moon Phase.

One dude was awesome and was really excited to be seeing her. I didn't have my scythe at the time as I'd put it back in the hotel for a bit. I went to get it to take some dusk photos and the dude was waiting for her tube. He grabbed her for some more photos.

I didn't want to take the wig off =O - Did I just admit that? me.. pink?

Ohhhhh She even found a little friend to play with her in the evening :D

25th October 2010: Sweet bag I made a quick bag for Arte to have some sweets :)

25th October 2010: SHOESSSSS Okay, so my quest for Arte shoes began many months ago..
Cutting the long search short, I looked everywhere, finally found some on ebay, but kept being out of stock.
So, we looked in every shoe shop you could think of..
On saturday, I forced myself to go look, and decided ANY pair I see remotely like them, or even just some dolly shoes.. looked in all the shops in southampton, nothing.. i decided to have one last look in matalan, and shaun spotted one random pair, but NO tag =O I got in the queue to pay and me
Phew, the shop lady was awesome and found the price. PHEW PHEW PHEW! They aren't really anything like I wanted, but they will deffinatly do the job.

20th October 2010: Shawl and tester A tried to make the shawl on Monday night, but my mind went blank and I tried again last night. I managed to do it quite easy. It's not the best of sewing but I like it. I sewed the 'bib' - I think it has a fancy name but can't think.
I tested wearing everything, and did some makeups, rosey cheeks and a bit of pale. you can't really tell in the 'webcam' images i just posted.

I've been trying toget some school shoes exact style of Arte, but I've had no luck to get my size(even though i'm a 4).. So I'mgoing to have to get some dolly shoes instead :( ahwell, serves me right - should have ordered some when I saw them.

14th October 2010: Socks and Dress.. I finished the dress today, I actually like it :) Ohh and I found an old petticoat which I took in a bit that works well. Saves making one - yays.
The socks arrived last week. I got the red fabric today. I'm just thinking how I want to do the shall and then I need shoes. The shoes have been crazy to find.. Some I found weren't in my size blah blah. I'll keep looking, or improvise.. :/

5th October 2010: Finally the sewing started. expo is what 23days away or something like that... i thought i better stop putting it off and start the sewings. I just need to sew on the sleeves for her dress and take it up a bit, once i tried it on with petticoat. Ordered some socks, but the shoes I wanted were out of stock... might be shoe less at this rate..... oops.

22nd September 2010: Ears.. I ripped off the other ears I made back 2008 and made some new ones. There are three (or more) designs in the anime/manga, so I've made them in between the different designs. I hope they look okays *eek*, and hide the top of the wig.

So I took a few photos on my webcam.

9th September 2010: Wig cutting.. the wig arrived a friday. Today I attempted to cut some little bits.
I'm a bit sad as the back of the wig is very thin - i'm shocked to be honest. hopfully I can hide that fact though. Other than that, nice wig.

26th August 2010: Wig sent.. Note to self..

WIG: has been dispatched. Just hope it's as good when it arrives.

24th August 2010: scythe finished Painted the scythe this morning it between dying my hair. I must say I had more luck with the painting. lol
It looks ok. Just how do I transport it *thinks* - Will worry about that nearer the time.

23rd August 2010: Remaking.. A week or so ago I decided 90% of the cosplays I wanted to do for October.
I suggested to a friend a few cosplays I might do and they replied "Do twisted kids, you suit them best" - You know the evil kids who are actually really cute and you just want to huggle... Or is that just me?

So, Arte is one of them as long as I can make it in time.

A few years back I started but never finished Arte, I have scrapped the dress I started, wig, ears and scythe and am starting over.

WIG - Ordered a new wig, and hopfully when it arrives it's as awesome as it looks on screen. Just the waiting game for that....
SYTHE: I also began the new longer blade for the scythe. Cardboard is hto glues together and onto the stick, with newspaper/pva layered over it. I'm leaving it to dry over night then I can paint it.

RebaSephiroth2 avatar

RebaSephiroth2 - 15th October 2010
Woop woop! XD

Looking good. ^_^

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 20th October 2010
The Scythe looks awesome! Good job ^^

NatalieNoodles avatar

NatalieNoodles - 20th October 2010
So cuuuuuuuuuuuute 8D8D8D8D

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 5th November 2010
utterly adorable!!! I still need to see this anime!

lilkimmi27 avatar

lilkimmi27 - 7th November 2011
Epic :D