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Cos-tober is back!

Heard of Inktober or NaNoWriMo? Well we don't think cosplayers should be left out! So let's roll up our sleeves and get productive during the darker October evenings with a chance to win £30 in Coscraft vouchers. Cos-tober is back~ >>

Info hub - International Competitions

Hello all! We’d like to introduce a bit of crowd sourced content for you all, an info hub focussing on international competitions. The aim of this is to help keep a central place where you can see upcoming qualifiers, view past performances and find out info about all the main international competitions. >>


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Crown and necklace


Today I made the bases for Aurora's crown and necklace from foam and worbla. I don't have time to do them like in the reference so I've made plain ones to give my plans a test-run c: The proportions feel a bit off atm, but I need to see them with everything else on! I'm debating on whether to drop Aurora for MCM, but keep working on her and do a shoot in the early new year. I still have a lot of embroidery to do, even after deciding to leave the designs on the peplum out for this event... I'll see where I am on Thursday with everything and make an executive decision then!


White Tigress

I wasnt having much luck with getting some samples and found some fabric near my workplace that would have visually be perfect but would be too thick and warm to wear for my liking so I had bit the bullet and gone for PVC. Its a little thinner and glossier than what I would have liked but I worked with it in the past and had fun with it. I have some fabric in the closet that I plan to use as a mock up. HOPEFULLY Ill have some more in white that could be salvaged as what I brought today took a big dent to my account ^^; The wig arrived the other day and will need styling and the boots are being broken into quite well. Not the comfiest but will do ^^ In between my own work I had to make some shorts for my Partner's Haru. Brought some fabric paint on ebay for the sash. I will be using Jaquard's in Navy blue as that brand worked a treat when I painted the spots on Ladybug and lasted so well ^^



Finished and in-progress pics of my shoulder cape with the applique added and braiding attached.

The sword: part 3

Lady Bahamut

So after having put together the base, I cut the foam board with a knife to make the sword the right shape! I then put on 2 layers of paper mache (I use kitchen roll, I find it to be stronger) and then fast mache. I sanded that down, then put some more on to cover any gaps/dents/holes. Sanded that down again and I've now started putting gesso on the thing! 2 layers, then sand. 2 layers, then sand and now I'm filling in gaps/dents/holes again before I finish. Phew!


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Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier


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