Japan Culture Con 2009

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Start Date:Saturday 17th October 2009
End Date:Saturday 17th October 2009


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EnglandAxis Powers HetaliaOm_nom_nomComplete
EnglandAxis Powers Hetaliapaintedapples11Complete
Misa AmaneDeath Note: Anime/Mangamisfit_mosherComplete
ChelinkaFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates.infinitydragonComplete
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenZeroToleranceComplete
Superbi SqualoKatekyo Hitman REBORN!PratatooieComplete
soraKingdom hearts 1Neko-SoraComplete
ZexionKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesOne-Winged-ChaosComplete
HunterLeft 4 DeadJaeComplete
Sakura HarunoNarutonillyComplete
DeidaraNaruto ShippuudenDarkTenshiComplete

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