Thought Bubble 2009

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Start Date:Saturday 21st November 2009
End Date:Saturday 21st November 2009


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Cheshire CatAlice in Wonderland - not DisneyXigaliciousComplete
PenguinBatman - ComicsMollinsComplete
DarkNyteCyber GothicPunkDarkNyteComplete
Laguna LoireFinal Fantasy VIIIFishyfinsComplete
Stella Nox FleuretFinal Fantasy XVamayhunComplete
John ConstantineHellblazerCALLAMONComplete
Zatanna Zatarajustice leagueAlouetteComplete
RoxasKingdom Hearts IISockFishComplete
SheikLegend of Zelda - Ocarina of TimeSilverSheikComplete
Olga GurlukovichMetal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Libertyballet shoesComplete
zabuza momochiNarutozabuza89Complete
Haruhi FujiokaOuran High School Host ClubLittlerascal92Complete
Lara CroftTomb Raider underworldTheEmoEmuComplete
Queen Esther Blanchett of AlbionTrinity BloodMissytetraIn Progress
Joshua the PirateVarious films and historic researchJoshuaComplete
Riku AnamiWorld EmbryoSho-sakaComplete

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