MCM Scotland Comic-Con 2015

Event Information

Location:SECC, Glasgow
Start Date:Saturday 26th September 2015
End Date:Sunday 27th September 2015


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EzioAssassins Creed 2CosplayCreeperIn Progress
Toph BeifongAvatar: The Last AirbenderShinigami_kyComplete
Marty McFlyBack to the Futureconcerning_kjComplete
Poison IvyBatman comicsSutekhianComplete
MerlinBBC Merlinconcerning_kjComplete
Wonder WomanDC ComicsLady WunjoComplete
VegetaDragonball ZlspcosplayIn Progress
TidusFinal Fantasy XlspcosplayComplete
Daenerys TargaryenGame of ThronesGracelessCosplayPlanned
MaikoJapnese CultureCosplayCreeperIn Progress
Tsukasa HiiragiLucky StarLinseyPimmsComplete
Coma Doof WarriorMad Max 4: Fury RoadZomboiComplete
DominoMarvel ComicsHydraxiaComplete
Lady LokiMarvel ComicsLady WunjoComplete
Sonya BladeMortal Kombat XLinseyPimmsComplete
Harley QuinnNew 52 ComicsHydraxiaComplete
Alex VauseOrange is the New BlackGracelessCosplayIn Progress
Sailor PlutoSailor MoonAyuruIn Progress
Prince PhillipSleeping BeautyShinigami_kyComplete
ChihiroSpirited AwayLinseyPimmsComplete
Male InklingSplatoonSutekhianComplete
JasperSteven UniverseZomboiComplete
Handsome JackTales from the BorderlandsMarmite-666Complete
LexaThe 100RhaviaComplete
Clarke GriffinThe 100RhaviaComplete

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