Cosplay Cruise 2013

Event Information

Location:London / The River Thames
Start Date:Saturday 6th July 2013
End Date:Saturday 6th July 2013


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Rin OkumuraAo no Exorcistcape_carnivalComplete
Zell DinchtFinal Fantasy VIIINomesComplete
NahaniGuardian's CrusadePokethePixieIn Progress
Siegfried KircheisLegend of Galactic HeroesStormeComplete
Reinhard von LohengrammLegend of Galactic HeroesPezComplete
AkivaLonely IslandOzziePlanned
BrookOne PieceNorthamptonGuyComplete
YukariParadise KissIllulynComplete
Steven StonePokémon SpecialstonegetterComplete

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