Memorabilia March 2011

Event Information

Location:Birmingham NEC
Start Date:Saturday 26th March 2011
End Date:Sunday 27th March 2011


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Amy PondDoctor WhoLisaHPGComplete
Amy PondDoctor WhoLisaHPGComplete
Femme!Eleventh DoctorDoctor WhoLisaHPGComplete
Amy PondDoctor WhonarnianlullabyComplete
Amy PondDoctor WhonarnianlullabyComplete
Kurt HummelGleeHarryKurtComplete
Rachel BerryGleeGemzusComplete
Ruth BuggsPaul (Film)GemzusComplete
SG-1 Team memberStargate SG-1WeaselComplete
Sho MinamimotoThe World Ends With YouOm_nom_nomComplete
Sho MinamimotoThe World Ends With You / It's a Wonderful WorldSockFishComplete

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