Kapow! Comic Con 2011

Event Information

Location:52 Upper St, Islington, London, N1 0QH
Start Date:Saturday 9th April 2011
End Date:Sunday 10th April 2011


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Poison IvyBatman comicsFairyPorchQueenComplete
The JokerBatman: The Animated SeriescallmemiloComplete
Harley QuinnBatman: The Animated Series / ComicsInuyokuComplete
Harley QuinnBatman: The Animated Series / Gotham City Sirens / Gotham GirlsMJquinnComplete
Harvey 'Two Face' DentBatman: The Dark KnightKyogreNinjaIn Progress
Blue BeetleDC Comicsshawlax1Complete
Sookie StackhouseSouthern Vampire Mysteries e.g. True BloodTinyRickiComplete
Ms MarvelThe AvengersDrunkleyCPComplete

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