MCM Comic Con London October 2019

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Start Date:Friday 25th October 2019
End Date:Sunday 27th October 2019


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Dr. StrangeAvengers Infinity WarManticore ArtsComplete
Ms MarvelAvengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesAiluneComplete
Chuuya NakaharaBungou Stray DogsGeekyGeeComplete
Nakahara ChuuyaBungou Stray DogsPepperCosComplete
Yosano AkikoBungou Stray DogsPepperCosComplete
L'ArachelFire Emblem: the Sacred StonesSpectreonIn Progress
Edward ElricFullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodTriforceofdragonsIn Progress
Mion SonozakiHigurashi no Naku Koro niGeekyGeeComplete
DianaLittle Witch AcademiaSatellitePlanned
Eli AyaseLove Live! School Idol ProjectGeekyGeeComplete
Sylvia TillyStar Trek DiscoverySpectreonPlanned
VarianTangled: The SeriesTsuchinokoComplete

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