AmeCon 2004

Event Information

Start Date:Saturday 21st August 2004
End Date:Monday 23rd August 2004


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Hiwatari KaiBeyblade V forceNinodogComplete
BlackjackBlackjackHot Beef InjectionComplete
BoboboBobobo-bo Bo-boboIlpalaComplete
EclipseDemon DiaryshidoComplete
HitomiEscaflowne the movieLaheieComplete
ExcelExcel SagaDelusionalComplete
HyattExcel SagaAmy-LouComplete
BlankFinal Fantasy IXManaComplete
Ai HayakawaFinal Fantasy UnlimitedAngelphieComplete
TerraFinal Fantasy VIManaComplete
Selphie TilmittFinal Fantasy VIIIAngelphieComplete
RikkuFinal Fantasy XAngelphieComplete
Yuna BraskaFinal Fantasy X-2ShazzComplete
RikkuFinal Fantasy X-2AngelphieComplete
LenneFinal Fantasy X-2AngelphieComplete
YunaFinal Fantasy X-2AngelphieComplete
Edward ElricFull metal alchemistDelusionalComplete
Winry RockbellFull metal alchemistDelusionalComplete
Chidori KanameFull Metal Panic!ShazzComplete
Kintaro OeGolden BoynertComplete
ElieGroove Adventure Ravecarrie_monsterComplete
Duo MaxwellGundam WingshidoComplete
JucleciaMagna Carta: Phantom of AvalancheAmy-LouComplete
FeliciaMagna Carta: The Phantom Of AvalancheDelusionalComplete
ManaMoi Dix Mois/Malice MizerShazzComplete
Luchia NanamiPichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid MelodyBullet HellComplete
MishaPita TenmoonypieComplete
Ryouga HibikiRanma 1/2nertComplete
Shu-chanSaikano-she the ultimate WeaponIlpalaComplete
Sailor MercurySailor Moonj_mercuryukComplete
Shannon CassullScrapped PrincessIlpalaComplete
HorohoroShaman kingNinodogComplete
Princess ZeldaThe Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeManaComplete

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