MCM Manchester Comic Con 2019

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Sat 27th Jul 2019 - Sun 28th Jul 2019


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Gauche Black Clover LittleCosplayer
Macaron Food Fantasy Pandora-Chi
Ryuko Matoi Kill La Kill Spoookyelectric
Aqua Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep InfiniteJester
Kanan Love Live! Sunshine!! Fables
Char Aznable. Mobile Suit Gundam Resident Casval
Scorpion Mortal Kombat Resident Casval
Bakugou My Hero Academia Fables
Kirito Sword Art Online LittleCosplayer
Ciri The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt J Corrosion

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New site! New bugs?
Delusional ( 12th November 2020) 4

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Prop Blueprints for sale! and commission!
TugaChan ( 3rd September 2020) 0

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How to make colours bleed
TugaChan ( 12th July 2020) 0

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Help with Tights + Armsocks
TugaChan ( 9th July 2020) 2

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