MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2018

Event Information

Location:Birmingham NEC
Start Date:Saturday 17th March 2018
End Date:Sunday 18th March 2018


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Nahyuta SahdmadhiAce Attorney: Spirit of JusticeNesproxyComplete
Dazai OsamuBungou Stray DogsThePigeonComplete
Edogawa RanpoBungou Stray DogsHelp Me In A BinComplete
Atsushi NakajimaBungou Stray DogsSky-Blue CatComplete
Naegi MakotoDangan RonpaInfiniteJesterComplete
Junko EnoshimaDangan RonpaShadowofShinraComplete
Shuichi SaiharaDangan Ronpa v3InfiniteJesterComplete
Kokichi OumaDanganronpa v3NesproxyComplete
ShiidaFire Emblem: Shadow DragonSpectreonComplete
Canada (Matthew Williams)HetaliaEnchanting_ELKComplete
Star DreamKirby: Planet RobobotSpectreonComplete
Naruto UzumakiNarutoKittyRoseComplete
Ann TakamakiPersona 5ShadowofShinraComplete
Futaba SakuraPersona 5MoonchildComplete
April O'neilTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAsuka_UKComplete

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