Insert Coin 2009

Event Information
Start DateSaturday 18th July 2009
End DateSaturday 18th July 2009

Can you stitch Sonic? Can you make Mario? Can you costume Cloud from Final Fantasy VII?

If you cosplay, and you love video games, then you are going to love's 'Cosplay Clash' at Insert Coin 2009. Not only will you be able to show off your superior video game character costume making abilities, and face off against others to prove you are the best, you'll also be able to win 'Big Money, Big Prizes... I Love It!'.

Unlike other cosplay competitions and parades, there will be a cash prize for the winner of the best video game character of £100 and £50 for the runner up. One of the judges will be's own Fran 'Ulala' Shergold - and she knows the difference between a Lara Croft costume bought off the Internet & and a lovingly crafted home made space mini skirt stitched from orange PVC. Let's just say, if you turn up as Deku Nut Link From The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask with a costume made from lovingly painted angular cereal boxes (to capture that N64 style) � you're in with a chance!

You will need to book your place for the 'Cosplay Clash' when you buy your Insert Coin 09 tickets. If you have already bought your tickets for the event you can contact Ready Up at then we will add you to our lists!

Please remember your character needs to have been on a video game first and not an Anime or film character with a video game. However great your Naruto costume is, he was an Anime character first - so he won't win the prize. So go on, get making now!!!

Ready Up's Cosplay Clash will take place on the Saturday of Insert Coin (18th July 09), with the heats taking place throughout the day with the finalists being invited to the exclusive evening party for the cash prize final.

Keep and eye on and for details, see you there!

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