Kupocon - Pomingham Palace

Event Information
Start DateSaturday 3rd February 2018
End DateSaturday 3rd February 2018

Did you hear? KupoCon is coming Back to London in February. After a massive success in 2017, we’re back for round two! Come and celebrate Final Fantasy with us!

Hosted at the Royal National Hotel in Russel Square. The venue is easily accessible from all over Europe.

Amy-Lou, AsreonInfusion, Billie Blouse, CrystalNeko, Delusional, InfiniteJester, Kata-san, Mana, nanahara, Nesproxy, Raine, RebaSephiroth2, ShadowofShinra, Storme, WingedWalrus,
RavusFFXVnanaharaIn Progress
KujaFinal Fantasy IXNesproxyPlanned
Adelbert SteinerFinal Fantasy IXKata-sanPlanned
Krile Mayer Baldesion/Kururu/Cara/GirlFinal Fantasy VBillie BlouseIn Progress
LockeFinal Fantasy VIManaIn Progress
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VIIAsreonInfusionIn Progress
JessieFinal Fantasy VIIAmy-LouPlanned
TifaFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenDelusionalPlanned
RikkuFinal Fantasy XInfiniteJesterIn Progress
Aranea HighwindFinal Fantasy XVStormeComplete
Noctis Lucis CaelumFinal Fantasy XVRebaSephiroth2Complete