SunnyCon 2014

Event Information
Start DateSaturday 21st June 2014
End DateSunday 22nd June 2014

SunnyCon is the UK’s fastest growing anime convention.

Held annually in Sunderland SunnyCon was first held in March 2012 and attracted 901 attendees in its’ first year only.

After the success of the first year SunnyCon grew and for 2013 we saw a full sell out of 2000 attendees and for 2014 we are growing more expanding to 3000.

Over the weekend we have a variety of panels, exhibitions, demonstrations, competitions, food, gaming and random dancing.

Bekumura, Bopatron, Bubble Cosplay, Decora, Exelia, HeX, Jewels, KuroNoire, Lara Eliza Cosplay, Lucibelle, MadlyScientific, Makubex, malicemana, miss-fuu-chan, Mistressmoogle, otakugirl, psychoduck, Sailor Cadia, Tricks, Valkyrie-Ghost, Yssa, yukihotaru,
PamelaAtelier Rorona/ Totori/ MeruruMistressmoogleComplete
Harley QuinnDC ComicsValkyrie-GhostPlanned
Reiji SakamakiDIABOLIK LOVERSMadlyScientificComplete
Zhang ChunhuaDynasty Warriors 8TricksComplete
Lucy/Nyu/KaedeElfen LiedDecoraComplete
Makoto TachibanaFree!KuroNoireComplete
Nagisa HazukiFree!MakubexComplete
Daenerys TargaryenGame of ThronesMakubexComplete
Hermione GrangerHarry PotterSailor CadiaIn Progress
JapanHetalia: Axis PowersJewelsComplete
Grell SutcliffKuroshitsuji (Black Butler)LucibelleComplete
AnnieLeague Of LegendsBubble CosplayComplete
Alibaba SalujaMagi: The Labyrinth of MagicBekumuraPlanned
The Knights who say NiMonty Python and the Holy GrailmalicemanaComplete
Kyoya OotoriOuran High School Host ClubHeXComplete
Lolita OutfitOwn CreationotakugirlComplete
Madoka KanamePuella Magi Madoka MagicaExeliaComplete
AT-AT DriverStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackmalicemanaComplete
Kurisu MakiseSteins;GateMadlyScientificComplete
Makise KurisuSteins;GateYssaComplete
RosalinaSuper Mario Galaxymiss-fuu-chanComplete
Leia RolandoTales of Xillia 2yukihotaruComplete
SniperTeam Fortress 2psychoduckComplete
Petunia ElkwoodTodd Allison and the Petunia VioletHeXComplete
Lara CroftTomb Raider (2013)BopatronComplete
Lara CroftTomb Raider 2013Lara Eliza CosplayComplete
Kaito TenjoYu-Gi-Oh! ZexalBekumuraPlanned