Thought Bubble 2012

Event Information
LocationLeeds Royal
Start DateSaturday 17th November 2012
End DateSunday 18th November 2012

The Thought Bubble Festival is the UK’s largest event of its kind – an annual celebration of sequential art in all its forms, including everything from superhero comics to independent and small-press artists and writers.

Taking place in a variety of venues across the city.

Ticket Prices:

£20 weekend pass.
£12 day pass

Tasty Discounts!:

Cosplayers: £8
Under 12's: FREE

CrystalCharmer, DarkNyte, drebin115, DrunkleyCP, GeekyPanda, Meeleb, MikuruChyuu, PhillyV, Rivvy, Rosipoo, Sponberry, Syxx, Tasha, Teacup_Erinyes, TheEmoEmu,
Desmond MilesAssassin's Creed 3drebin115In Progress
Mizuki HimejiBaka to Test to ShoukanjuuGeekyPandaComplete
Harley QuinnBatman AnimatedSyxxComplete
DeadshotBatman Arkham CityPhillyVComplete
Renji AbaraiBleachDarkNyteComplete
Two FaceDC ComicsRivvyComplete
Marian HawkeDragon Age 2SponberryComplete
Rinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIIITheEmoEmuComplete
Fem Jake EnglishHomestuckRosipooComplete
AuroraSleeping BeautyTeacup_ErinyesComplete
Kenny McCormickSouth ParkMikuruChyuuComplete
Mary-Jane WatsonSpiderman / Marvel ComicsCrystalCharmerComplete
Xena Warrior PrincessXena Warrior PrincessTashaComplete