AniMedia East - Cosplay Picnic - Spring 2011

Event Information
LocationChapelfield Gardens - Norwich
Start DateSaturday 16th April 2011
End DateSaturday 16th April 2011

We held our second meet (and first cosplay picnic) at Chapelfield Gardens in 2010, and it went really well thanks to everyone who attended.

Please see current videos to see how much fun we all have over in East Anglia.

Previous random fun at AniMedia East meets - (The Raye Raye Dance version 1) -

Here's our YouTube channel -

And this is one from the April meet at Chapelfield Gardens 2010 from NightmareWings -

Raye-chan, Zelda,
Riza Hawkeye (Military)Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodZeldaComplete
CelsiusTales of SymphoniaRaye-chanComplete