Final Fantasy Distant Worlds 2011

Event Information
Start DateSaturday 5th November 2011
End DateSaturday 5th November 2011

"The Royal Albert Hall is proud to be the site of the gala premiere in London of Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy, the highly anticipated multimedia concert experience.

With composer Nobuo Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth, The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, and many special soloists including Susan Calloway from FFXIV, and with state of the art HD videos and stills shown on massive screens highlighting the games most memorable sequences, the Royal Albert Hall will swell with the award-winning music from the FINAL FANTASY video game series.

Featuring scenes from throughout the Final Fantasy series as well as music from the newly released Final Fantasy XIII and XIV, this is truly a concert not to be missed."

AlexM, Angel Tear, Black_Star, DarkerLink, FlowerAssassin, FusionRose, gaming_goddess, Guardianz, Ino, Leonie Heartilly, Natsumi, NightmareWings, Ryanotoson, SephNoir, SnowmanKline, TheCakeIsGone, timpey,
best night ever ^-----------^ff distant worldstimpeyComplete
RubyFinal Fantasy IXNightmareWingsIn Progress
GarnetFinal Fantasy IXDarkerLinkComplete
Serah FarronFinal Fantasy 13Angel TearComplete
Cid HighwindFinal Fantasy 7 Advent ChildrenAlexMComplete
Eiko CarolFinal Fantasy IXBlack_StarPlanned
Garnet til Alexandros 17thFinal Fantasy IXFusionRoseComplete
CelestiaFinal Fantasy Type-0 (Final Fantasy Agito XIII)SephNoirPlanned
Rufus ShinraFinal Fantasy VIISnowmanKlineComplete
AerithFinal Fantasy VIIGuardianzIn Progress
Rinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIIILeonie HeartillyComplete
Quistis TrepeFinal Fantasy VIIIInoComplete
Cid HighwindFinal Fantasy VIIITheCakeIsGoneIn Progress
Rinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIIINatsumiComplete
Laguna LoireFinal Fantasy VIII/8RyanotosonIn Progress
YunaFinal Fantasy Xgaming_goddessComplete
Snow VilliersFinal Fantasy XIIIFlowerAssassinComplete