Grand Cosplay Ball 2010

Event Information
Start DateSunday 28th November 2010
End DateSunday 28th November 2010

A magical masquerade ball at a beautiful venue in the heart of London.

The Grand International Cosplay Ball invites you to an unforgettable night of decadent cosplay like no other. Set in the gorgeous surroundings of the Clapham Grand, we would like to welcome cosplayers from all over the world to come and be part of this unmissable event. We've combined our love of cosplay, theatre and live music to create a unique cosplay ball experience.

This year's theme is Arabian Nights - expect bellydancers, daring feats and cosplay themed performances! There will also be the usual set dances, cosplay guests, DJs and an Aladdin's Cave themed photo area.

Angelphie, Arkayen, Ashe, Bugrophenia, cape_carnival, Captain_Marvelous, Chibi, cosplaykitty, Cosplex, cybaura, Delusional, emi, fistfighter_tifa, FlowerAssassin, Frederica la Noir, FullMetalLiz, gaming_goddess, gomimushi, GunstarVixen, HelloKitty, homsar, Kappa, Keekal, Kelly, kimpey, kirokitsune, Kuchiki_Byakuya, Leonie Heartilly, leumas, Lunar_Kitten, macaronic, MangaChild, Mighty Odango, montblanc, Nocturnal Blossom, nosferatu, perfectly_purple, Pez, picklesofdoom, PokethePixie, SephNoir, shiro_kitsune_rei, Sick Shinobi, Sillabub, Taffeta_Rose, Van D, x,
CatapillarAlice in Wonderland/Through the looking GlasspicklesofdoomComplete
OzaiAvatar the last airbenderMangaChildComplete
Princess UrsaAvatar: The Last AirbenderHelloKittyComplete
HungaryAxis Powers HetaliaNocturnal BlossomComplete
FranceAxis Powers HetaliamacaronicComplete
kuchiki byakuyaBleachKuchiki_ByakuyaComplete
Rukia KuchikiBleachKappaComplete
ChronoChrono CrusadeVan DComplete
Allen WalkerD Gray-mankimpeyComplete
Tyki mikkD.Gray-manSick ShinobiIn Progress
ChandraEternal DarknessTaffeta_RoseComplete
RinoaFinal Fantasy 8KeekalComplete
Rinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIIILeonie HeartillyComplete
LuluFinal Fantasy XFrederica la NoirComplete
Tohru HondaFruits Basketperfectly_purpleComplete
gothic lolitaharajukucosplaykittyComplete
HinagikuHayate no Gotoku!!emiIn Progress
Alexander AndersonHellsing UltimateFlowerAssassinComplete
Russia (Ivan Braginski)Hetalia Axis PowerskirokitsuneComplete
ViceKing of FightersSillabubComplete
Madam RedKuroshitsuji (Black Butler)cybauraComplete
Princess ZeldaLegend of ZeldaChibiComplete
SherylMacross FrontierKellyComplete
MerylMetal Gear Solid 4gaming_goddessComplete
Ice QueenOriginal DesignMighty OdangoComplete
"Magpie"Original DesignDelusionalComplete
kyouya OotoriOuran High School Host ClubCaptain_MarvelousComplete
Arabian PrinceOwn CreationleumasComplete
MidnightOwn designLunar_KittenComplete
Charlotte La BouffPrincess And The FrogAsheComplete
Juri ArisugawaRevolutionary Girl UtenamontblancIn Progress
Juliet Fiamatta Asto CapuletRomeo x JulietPokethePixieComplete
Tsukikage no Knight (Moonlight Knight)Sailor Moon RhomsarComplete
Fleur AquaSecond LifeSephNoirIn Progress
Soul EvansSoul Eatershiro_kitsune_reiComplete
Own CreationThe DutchessFullMetalLizComplete
Sister EvelynThe FallCosplexComplete
The BanditThe FallCosplexComplete
Mrs CoulterThe Golden CompassGunstarVixenComplete
Lord AsrielThe Golden CompassGunstarVixenComplete
David NassauThe Last RemnantPezComplete
ArielThe Little MermaidxComplete
Alice KingsleighTim Burton's Alice in WonderlandAngelphieComplete
AsthaTrinity Bloodfistfighter_tifaPlanned
Hatsune MikuVocaloidnosferatuComplete
Kagamine LenVocaloidgomimushiComplete