Kallen Kozuki - Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland


I lost motivation to finish making this so I'm calling it complete lol.

I love Alice in Wonderland themed costumes and I love Code Geass. So the two together made a perfect pair! My favourite character is actually Shirley but I hate her outfit in it. Kallen is probably my second favourite girl and I love her outfit to pieces, so I just had to make it!

The top is a self made fitted jacket pattern made from cotton. I was originally going to make this out of stretch jersey to make it more cardigan like but the cuffs were fitted I noticed and I couldn't find the matching colour ribbed cuffs. So I made everything out of cotton instead as I'd rather do that than make my own ribbed cuffs. I made the black bias binding out of leftover cotton and used the same cotton for the self cover buttons.

The skirt is a simple box pleated skirt made from cotton and I sewed the ribbon on individually.

The hat and bunny ears were borrowed from Street Angel!

The blouse I already had (From Primark I think?) and the red tie I already had. Socks and shoes were from eBay.

Wig is from Arda.

Overall a super comfy costume! Maybe one day I will finish it off for a shoot.

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