Umaru Doma (Chibi) - Himouto! Umaru-chan



Except I'm the laziest shit ever and I bought everything, and I cut the wig literally 5 minutes before I had to get in the car lol.

Umaru is like my spirit animal and I just HAD to cosplay her. Like, everything about her speaks to me.

I bought the cloak and leggings from SpreePicky, the top that came with the costume was tight fitting when it should be loose (unless I'm just fat, I'm probably just fat lol) so I used my Hiro (Big Hero 6) top that I got from Primark instead as it's man-sized.

The wig is from Lucaille on Taobao, basic trim.

I went crazy and bought a load of crisps and a big bottle of coke to go with the cosplay... Although the main non-Umaru thing about me is that I don't like fizzy drinks... ... ... I HAVE FAILED HER.

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