Belle (Blue dress) - Disney's Beauty and the Beast


Worn to:
- Midlands MCM Comic Con 2016

Belle has always been my favourite Disney character since I was little, and I hold her very near and dear to my heart. I actually made her blue dress back in 2009 and was happy with it at the time, but looking back now I feel I didn't do her nearly enough justice...and now that I know a lot more about sewing, I decided to give it another shot in 2016!

I decided to take a bit of inspiration from the Disney park costumes (as well as the movie), and based my colour choices on them, as well as my shoes, which have a slight heel and a strap across the foot. I also studied multiple photos of the costumes to see what their construction was like, although I ultimately decided to go with princess seams on my bodice as opposed to darts, which never fit around my bust very well.

The first piece I made was my bloomers! They are made from white bi-stretch and hemmed with lace for extra cuteness. It was about time I made myself a new pair of bloomers to wear underneath costumes, so I figured Belle would be a good reason to finally get round to it. I also made a white underskirt from white bi-stretch, which I hemmed with lace as well.

My dress is made from microfibre, which is one of my favourite fabrics to work with. The bodice is boned to help keep its shape, and the skirt is a full circle skirt (like the underskirt). It zips up at the side underneath my arm. My apron is made from white bi-stretch and ties in the back.

I made my shirt from yet more white bi-stretch and it is fully lined. It fastens with a series of snaps down the front, but I sewed these in such a way that the stitching was not obvious. I wanted it this way because I was puzzled as to how I would get it over my head without a lot of stretch in the fabric, but after looking at photos of the park costumes, they seem to have buttons as fastening methods. I do not like sewing button holes, however, and did not want buttons on show! I'm actually really happy with the way my shirt turned out, as I used jersey for my first try in 2010 and was never completely satisfied with it.

My wig was styled by my waifu, Loonilum, who impressed me by styling her own hair into Belle's hairstyle when Disneybounding as her on one of our trips to Florida! I'm super happy with the results. I made my hair bow from the same microfibre as my dress, and used stiff interfacing to help it hold its shape. It slips into my wig with a crocodile clip.

TheStarlightFairy posted on 12 February, 2016 - 22:21
Yaaaaas <3

Nesproxy posted on 2 March, 2016 - 09:08
You look incredible. I adore the construction on the dress - it's gorgeous :)

MadameLapin posted on 2 March, 2016 - 21:23
So beautiful!

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