Sakura Kinomoto (The Song outfit) - CardCaptor sakura


My next Clamp cosplay is Sakura herself!

It was hard to choose an outfit as they're all so cute but I love the outfit she wears when capturing the Song card, so I decided to make this one :D

Part of a group of Sakuras for Kitacon 2016 :D

TheStarlightFairy posted on 29 March, 2016 - 22:10
<3 one of my fave Sakura designs and you've done it brilliantly!


Total cost: £0.00

29th March 2016


I managed to get Sakura done! I spent most of last Sunday painting the putting the wand together! It's not the best paint job but OH WELL I'm sure it'll be fine :D anyway so I put everything together and it looks pretty good! I was worried it would look too OTT all together but it works really well, even the cushion on my head - I mean hat..

23rd March 2016

I got a lot done yay

So in the last 5 days I've managed to finish off Sakura's costume! I've constructed the overdress and the skirt is two full circle skirts pleated, and then the shawl has a mandarin collar and one full circle skirt so there is a lot of floof :D the beret is stuffed for more depth, it looks like I have a cushion on my head but tbh with how OTT the skirts are it all balances out |'D Just awaiting my wand pieces to arrive from Dannimation (the 3d printing dude I commissioned, I definitely recommend him!) and then I can put that together and paint it and then do a test! :D

18th March 2016


ok so I took a step back from Sakura to get Minami cosplays done and also work on other Kita cosplays but now with less than 2 weeks to the con I actually started the outfit now?? I finished the underskirt yesterday, it's an elasticated gathered skirt so it swooshes really nicely! I had issues trying to get the bottom edge to work. I initially added interfacing and sewed some curves on but I didn't like the look of them and so cut them off, and my plan b was to stick the polycotton and lining together with korrobond and then cut them to shape which has worked wonders yaaay :D I've also started the dress today, worked on the bodice and tomorrow will be finishing it along with attaching the skirt bit and getting the beret done as well hopefully!

7th February 2016


Here are the shoes complete! I cut up the boots and then created the shoe covers :D the straps are made from worbla covered in the lycra and then snapped together with poppers. I managed to get fabric for her underskirt but had to order the pink and yellow fabrics online D: so won't be able to make a start for a few days.

4th February 2016

In progress!

Sakura is offically in progress! The wig has arrived and I've just been trimming the fringe so it's not all down my face lmao. I'm waiting for my lenses to arrive before I do a makeup test! I've also got a pair of boots that I am going to cut up and modify into her shoes - I could have splurged £45 on accurate shoes from a cosplay store buuuuuut I decided to put the money towards other things...like the wand, heheheh I've got some lycra that I will use to make shoe covers! I'll be getting the rest of the material this weekend all being well and then next week I can make a start :)

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