Disney's Frozen

Cosplayer: Leonie Heartilly

Variant: Coronation dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Cosplay Island's Weekly Costume Showcase- 13th June 2016

Showcased 13th June 2016

3rd April 2016: Wig restyled- Again My wig kinda fell apart on the journey to KitaCon even though I kept it pinned to my wig head in a separate bag. The lovely Frederica la Noir restyled it for me whilst I was wearing it so it wouldn't stretch afterwards.

30th March 2016: Shoes Anna wears black court shoes with a square toe and small block heel. She doesn't have the patterns that Elsa has but she might have a gold border, there isn't a clear enough shot of them to tell.
I picked up these suede courts and although the heel is a bit too high it helps the dress from dragging on the floor too much. Unfortunately I struggled to find ones with square toes but I do like how these look and they're comfy.
These are worn with white knee high socks.

28th March 2016: Makeup test Freckles!

Did my usual concealer, foundation and powder routine and found a good match of shadow to define and enlarge my eyebrows. Like my other princesses I used a brown pencil to line my eyes as black is too heavy and added a touch of white to the inner corners to open them up. Light coat of mascara, pink blush and pink lipstick.

This was my first attempt at fake freckles so I watched a few YouTube videos of various techniques. I decided to go with the simple one of drawing them on with a pencil and blotting/blending them to remove the harshness. As the character is animated I wasn't concerned with making them too natural looking but I got some good feedback when I shared the photos on facebook so I'm pleased =)

28th March 2016: Bodice modification Removed the ribbons and cut off the loops as close as I could without damaging the fabric. The bodice is lined so I couldn't get to the seams to remove the loops entirely unless I wanted to pull the whole thing apart.

25th March 2016: Wig finished I was pleased with the plait and twist but the section of hair that folds in at the back (that some people mistake for a bun) was really awkward and I made a mess of it sadly. Hiding it with the ribbon comb lol

25th March 2016: Wig restyling As I said before I bought this wig second hand and after a trip from the US (even though it was packaged well) it was looking a little worse for wear. So I took the style apart and attempted to smooth the fibres and put it back together myself.

25th January 2016: Hair comb Bought on ebay.

13th January 2016: Dress details Just over a week after ordering my dress has arrived making me very doubtful that it was custom made for me, especially considering the the bodice has laces on which they agreed to not do. They sent the underskirt with it which is VERY long so I don't think they paid proper attention to my height meaning I'll have to alter it. I'm unsure of the fit at the moment as I did order a size smaller as I am currently losing weight.

HOWEVER with all that said the quality of the fabric and construction is very good for an ebay purchase. The dress and underskirt look just like the photos on the listing and the fact is I wouldn't of been able to get an embroidered item at that price on commission. For what I paid it's no hardship to make a few alterations. Overall I'm pleased.

3rd January 2016: Underskirt ordered Also from angel-secret. They are the only seller I've seen to offer this and to be honest I hadn't paid much attention to the fact Anna has one until I saw the listing. It's mainly visible when she's jumping around like the scene in "For the First Time in Forever" when she bounces on the sofa to mimic the portrait.

The pattern isn't accurate but I thought it was really pretty.

3rd January 2016: Dress ordered Took the plunge today and ordered my dress. I knew I couldn't make it myself (getting the skirt pattern correct is a big task in itself) so I went hunting for a seller that looks decent and doesn't appear to have stolen it's photos (always a challenge!).

I chose angel-secret as most of their feedback was positive and they also include customer photos in listings which you can see match their stock photos.
They also have all the features I wanted including embroidery on the front and back of the bodice and skirt, boning in the bodice for shape and the colours look good also. They usually put lacing on the back of the bodice so I've just asked them to not include that for accuracy (there's a concealed zip in the side).

2nd January 2016: Wig I follow Yuurisans Cosplay on facebook (beautiful twin sisters who cosplay together) and they listed up their Anna wig for sale and as it's quite an awkward style and they had it for a reasonable price I thought it best not to pass it up.
This is the photo they used for the sales post but I've seen other shots of it and it does look slightly more ginger in other lights.

I've been considering doing Coronation Anna for a while and spotting that wig kinda set it all in motion!

1st January 2016: Reference images Reference images

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Siouxsie James - 15th June 2016
Grats on the showcase of this beautiful costume!