Yajirobe - Dragon Ball Z


An under-cosplayed character from Dragon Ball franchise; plan to wear it to a Wales Comic Con and/ or MCM London this year. Got bought the sandals, wrist and ankle bands and katana for xmas, bought some invisible socks and a Party City wig from eBay, Bought a Korin plush which I kept with me. Robe was made out of twill and a sharpie, and belt out of black polyester. Premiered at Wales Comic Con 2017. Velcro fastenings fell off so will need to find a new method of fastening. Will wear again at October 2017 London MCM.

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Make Belt
Make Robe
Style Wig
Buy Stuff
Dark Green Wristbands
Ankle Bands
LARP Katana
Orange Twill Fabric
Black Fabric
Invisible Socks
Korin Plush
Small Brown Leather Bag

Total cost: £0.00

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