Thorin Oakenshield (Battle of the Five Armies - battle armour) - The Hobbit


Outfit as Thorin wears when he charges out of Erebor :
Black trousers with kneepad design in leather
Plain brown undershirt
Velvet full length under coat with painted on embroidery
Chainmail coat - bought and adjusted to right shape
Padded overcoat - made from faux leather. Own design. Fully woven out of more than 100 stitched faux leather straps.Foam armour pieces.
Raven belt with worbla belt buckle
Raven Sword - worbla over balse and foam core. Hilt made of worbla. Feathered pommel made of clay.
Leather gloves with foam armour pieces
ventilated wig
New moustache and beard

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31st December 2015

Raven Sword

Today starting Thorin's raven sword - I call it Zirik-kark (Sharp Raven). hopefully I have come some way using worbla since I made Orcrist. I am pretty excited about this sword as I think the detail on it is stunning and I just love the dwarven weaponry so much! Have not got my new worbla sheets yet but going to make the wood and foam core today.

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