Emmy Altava - Professor Layton


I very recently played the Professor Layton games (talk about being late to the party!!) and absolutely fell in love with the series, but especially the professor's assistant, Emmy Altava. She quickly leapt to my top three all time favourite characters so of course I /had/ to cosplay her.

Most of the cosplay I was able to source (trousers, boots, wig, belt) so the main crafting element of this costume was Emmy's signature coat. Logistically, her coat makes zero sense as it doesn't appear to open beyond the waist, making it more of a dress than a coat, so in the end that's how I decided to make it. The "coat" has a zip down the back so that I could stay as true to the reference pictures as possible. I made the bowtie the same way I make most bows, but with the addition of adding a little bit of stuffing to it to give it a slightly 3D effect. I also made a little faux-leather pouch to go on the belt which I stored the puzzles that my brother (our group's Layton) made for me.

We had a little Layton group for the Sunday of MCM Expo; myself as Emmy, my brother Gwithian as Professor Layton, Primadonnapeach as Flora and her younger brother Spencer as Luke. We were also joined by our friend Joe as a surprise Clive! It was a fantastic group and we had a lot of fun.

A couple of weeks later, we went for a location specific photoshoot in London, touring around places such as the Natural History Museum, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. The photos we were were incredible <3

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