Alisha Diphda
Tales of Zestiria

Cosplayer: Exelia

Variant: After Episode

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

21st July 2016: Cincher - 4 Much nicer~! This is the cincher so far, with the outer interfaced layer over the structure with the boning. I really love the colours on this costume!

The bias is sewn down the seams of the cincher and pressed into place. It still needs bias around the top and bottom once the cincher layers are sewn together, but you get the idea by looking at it here.

The skirt is also visible here! Again not finished, it will have a nice gold trim once it's done and it's just pinned here, the final version will have a nice pleat. It's made from micro-satin with hand gathered trim made from navy drill to match the rest of the costume. The skirt is made from 2 full circles, so there's a lot of fabric in there, but the drape is lovely. Once the skirt is finished it will be attached to the bodice and make the full dress to go underneath the cincher.

There's still so much to do on this costume but it's already looking pretty nice!

21st July 2016: Cincher - 3 Bones! Bones everywhere! There are 19 different bones in the cincher, 9 on either side and 1 in the centre. It has a lot of really nice structure which is exactly what I wanted - there isn't a specific "hourglass" shape on the artwork of the design, so I wanted something that would pull me in at the waist but without an extreme shape. The back has an angled opening to match the design, which should give the V shape without actually being loose when worn.

I made the structure using some heavy cotton canvas I had leftover from my standard Alisha dress, it doesn't have much give on the bias and it was cheaper than buying denim or coutil. Each bone channel is sewn down with bias, then the bones are inserted and sewn into place.

The turquoise fabric is duchess satin (lining is pictured) and you can see the bones through it, so the outer layer has 2 layers of interfacing to help stop them showing. All of the gold bias is made from silk satin using the matte reverse side.

15th July 2016: Cincher - 2 Again very rough and no interfacing structure so it's a bit floppy but you can see the rough shape for the cincher here! It curves over the hips into the tails at the back, too, but it's kind of hard to see here. Made from duchess satin & drill, which will have a fully boned insert and then matching lining.

I'll also be tweaking the skirt; I actually think it's too big (usually impossible!), so I might be taking some fabric out. It's made from 2 full circle skirts at the moment from a beautiful micro satin. I did have a draft of the bodice done but it gave me grief so it's not visible here.

15th July 2016: Cincher - 1 Very rough image of the pattern for the cincher. The final piece will have boning in different places for structure, yay! I have a lot of the bones left from Ramirez that are going in, with a few others on order for different lengths. How exciting!

The pattern incorporates the differences in colour and also the tails at the back. Patterning this with so few decent references was hard -___-

6th July 2016: Wig & Materials Starting this at last! I'm hoping to have her done in time for EGX in September. Should be a nice little project!

The wig is a Ferrari from Arda in Dark Ash Blonde; the same wig I used for my revamped Alisha costume. I bought a second one on sale a while ago for this costume because her ponytail is much lower and my original wig has been trimmed too thin. It still needs styling for this outfit but it basically just needs a trim.

I picked up some of the fabrics I needed yesterday; the turquoise is duchess satin, navy is a great quality matte drill and I got some navy lining for the jacket, too. I already had the white which is a gorgeous micro satin which has great drape for the skirt and shoulder panels!

I still need to get some more thorough references for the back. I'll be reusing the boning I put into Ramirez for this costume to save some money on the cincher too.