Nami (Urf the Nami-tee) - League Of Legends



I love this skin and playing Nami in general so I really wanted to do this costume. This costume was my first time working with foam. I'll be honest - it was a pain. I'm not in a hurry to work with upholstery foam again!

I started the hat first - I wrapped a strip of foam around my head and pinned it, then used Stick-fast upholstery spray glue to glue it in place. I pinned then glued another strip of foam curving from front to back over my head. This formed the basic shape. I added extra strips to complete the dome shape of the hat. That's the nice thing about foam, you just spray glue it on and if you don't like it, rip it off and try again. I took a foam bolster and carved it to make the muzzle, and added some eyebrow bones to make an area to sink the eyes into. After that I covered the whole thing in batting to even the surface out. Once that was done, it was easy enough to stretch the scuba over the top, but I still had to dart it, and it ended up being a right pain to sew in place, I had to top-stitch everything by hand. Next time I would do the whole thing inside out and then turn it over, I think. The ears I made separately, scuba backed with minky fleece then stuffed, and hand-stitched those on. I added the pink ribbon using a crewel needle.

The crown is a very last minute craft foam job - I'm going to repaint it because I didn't have enough time to prime it and spray it properly. It is removable because I didn't want to obstruct anyone's view, but the velcro didn't hold very well! The zip is also craft foam - again, planning to repaint for a better finish.

The mermaid tail was an experimental endeavour - it's a foam shell, I did this so you couldn't see the outline of my legs. I sewed this with fishing wire for better tensile strength but it was starting to rip so I encased the whole thing in some light interfacing for better stability. I had to handsew all that, such a pain! The scuba I could machinesew, though, and stretch it over the tail shell afterwards. The tail opens at the bottom for my feet but I can put my feet inside it and tuck the fabric in. But I never had time to do this even once during Worlds, it was too busy! I made the top part separately and sewed it on afterwards, and it's held up by two clear bra straps hooked across the back.

The jacket is made out of purple scuba, stone scuba and ripstop yellow. The ripstop was a pain to applique even with a teflon foot, but everything else was okay with some interfacing on the back. It's a small amount of applique but still took 3 spools of thread! It has three layers of fleece inside it to get the puffiness - I made the whole thing inside out, tacked the layers of fleece in place, turned it the right way out and then sewed it around the edges to get the right look. The fins on the jacket are just scuba with a bit of applique, lightly stuffed to avoid too much weight. I planned to use hooks and eyes to attach it but I ran out of time so it's just pinned in place for now.

The arm flaps are scuba backed with minky fleece again - at least these involved no foam and I could machine them!

I used Kryolan interferenz for the teal and gills, and Kryolan aquacolour yellow for my face and front. I had blue eyeliner on as well. I plan to do a more comprehensive makeup job next time around and make my eyes look bigger. I also have wax to cover my eyebrows with for a photoshoot in the future, as Nami doesn't have any!

I didn't make a prop for this costume because of the prop restrictions at the event (you couldn't have anything over a metre long). I plan to make my spatula in the future!

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