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Break away from my Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees costumes, going to use one more horror character costume, Jack Norman's the wicked one. Much like Jason and Michael I have the build and height for this costume, this will be my very last costume I do now. This will be such a good costume to wear at a comic con because of the scarecrow feel about it, cannot wait to complete this costume, when? I am unsure, will message Josh for the hoodie and jack about making more masks

Info on the costume pieces, and what artists made them
The Mask - Grim Stitch Factory
The clothing - Beyond Disgusting Studious
Bowie Knife - Beyond Disgusting Studios
Axe - Clive turkington of facebook
Weapons holster belt - David Ferrera of Facebook
Kitchen Knife, Tactical fingergloves and Holster weapons belt - Ebay
Boots - increasingshoes

Pieces missing?
asylum jacket
shot in the head mask

klweanne posted on 5 January, 2016 - 16:17
I saw the mask on facebook, looks awesome :) Gonna be epic when its all together :)

Asylum mask
Asylum jacket
The mask
shot in the head mask
Bowie knife
Bowie knife holster

Total cost: £1,271.00

8th September 2016

Bowie knife and weapons holster shipped out

The 3 pieces were sent out, should have them soon

4th September 2016

weapons holster payed for

Payed for weapons holster, the last piece of my wicked one costume, the Bowie Knife comes with it which will add to my H2 Hobo Myers costume

29th June 2016

Axe Arrived today

The axe arrived today, has the costume gets closer and closer to the finishing line, all that is left is the Bowie knife and weapons holster belt

27th June 2016

Axe shiped out

The axe was shipped out, expecting it too arrive wednesday

26th June 2016

Axe payed for

Payed for axe

22nd June 2016

Fingerless gloves arrived

New gloves arrived, in general I hate gloves but these gloves still give me the full control of my hands, and they do work a treat

19th June 2016

Fingerless gloves payed for

Fingerless gloves payed for

1st March 2016

Costume arrived today

The clothing arrived, which is a big relief

22nd February 2016

Costume shipped

The costume was shipped, should have it within a week

20th February 2016

Payed for shipping fees

Its now all payed for, should have the costume a week monday or tuesday

20th February 2016

Costume arrived

The costume arrived at the artists, who is then going to ship it to me

10th February 2016

Scarf arrived today

The scarf has part of the costume came today, and its a perfect piece that we see from the wicked one look

9th February 2016

Rest of the costume paid for

Paid for the rest of the costume in terms of the jacket undershirt and new pants

4th February 2016

The mask arrived today

The mask arrived, damn what a piece this is, horrifying at its finest

3rd February 2016

Hooded jacket arrived

The hooded jacket arrived today, in just a week the mask arrives

1st February 2016

Mask shipped out

The mask is shipped out, so the pieces are falling into place, next week or 10 days the costume is all here

1st February 2016

Mask payed for

The mask is payed for, so all I got to wait now is for it to be delivered

29th January 2016

Hoodie Jacket shipped today

Josh of BDS shipped the hooded jacket today, so should have it next week :)

17th January 2016

1 of 2 payments on the mask

one of two payments done on the mask today, getting closer and closer to it being finished. Come February the costume will have arrived

11th January 2016

Hoodie Jacket paid for

Paid for the hoodie jacket that goes with the costume, only need to pay the 2 downpayments on the mask, and this costume is all paid for

4th January 2016

Knife Holster arrived

My new bowie knife holster arrived today, fits the knife perfect, no need to carry this around with me everywhere now which is perfect

3rd January 2016

Mask complete

The mask is finished, 2 payments on the 16th January, and 10th February

28th December 2015

Bowie Knife Holster paid for

The Holster is paid for, for my Bowie knife

12th November 2015

Artist is working on the mask this weekend

A new update on my third costume, the artist working on the mask will be start the process on the mask this weekend, the costume starts to pick up now

8th November 2015

The Wicked One costume begins

A new costume in the works begins

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