Princess Leia (Battle On Endor Uniform) - Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


In process of making the Endor uniform from Return of the Jedi. I have made a poncho from camo fabric and will spray paint more green on it later. Created a calico hat base for the helmet (flying helmets are far too expensive to buy) this allowed me to fit special elements in (like the ribbed top piece). I am in the middle of making the donut piece of the helmet. I will be making this out of foam as I have never used casting methods before. I will be attempting to paint this with spraypaint over a pva glue mix base. I will do plenty of trails beforehand. The uniform trousers are just blue ones which I will paint a yellow stripe in fabric paint down the sides and pair with black boots.
I am going to the mcm birmingham comic con Nov 2015 with my son who I am making stormtrooper armour for.

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