Master Splinter (2014 cartoon version) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 cartoon


Cosplay was of Master Splinter. In the 2014 cartoon version he is more of a Japanese style character. For this I made a yukata with his tail attached. I had to lots of research to make the fur head as I had never done this before. I was not confident enough to make many of the versions that are on the internet, although the tutorials are fabulous. I instead went for a full head mask that I found on Etsy. This was a paper template which I printed out and made up. It was a wolf mask but it had the more pointed nose that I was looking for. I covered this with craft foam which I then covered with fur, copying the pattern of Splinters fur. I used a wool plait for his beard. I wrapped bandages around my arms and hands and painted claws onto my nails. I covered a pair of old sneakers with fur and attached felt claws also. I topped of the look with a wooden katana. It looked really good however... I forgot about ventilation! I was only able to wear the head piece for a short amount of time before I could breathe. oops.

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