Violet Baudelaire (Film) - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events



This was honestly the first costume I ever wanted to do when I was 14 and first heard about cosplay and conventions. It's been at the top of my to do list for around 6 or so years now. ASoUE meant so much to me growing up; I love the movie and the show just as equally! I'm graduating this year, and turning 25 next year, and I just had a feeling my time was running out to cosplay a 16 year old Emily Browning!

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18th January 2017

Baby Steps...

I've spent hours and hours looking over and examining reference photos. What at first looked like an impossible costume, actually looks a lot easier after watching the '30 Seconds with Emily Browning' video, which the screen cap is taken from; here you can see just how this dress comes together - a base dress and the complicated bodice goes over the top, like a waistcoat. This base dress seems to be the easiest part, so I'm starting there (I'm debating about having the black skirt as part of this or having that as a separate piece, I found the Simplicity Disney Misses 2813 pattern, and I'm thinking of using the Snow White pattern for this (I needed a pattern with a bodice thats connected to the skirt, not all one piece, and the puff sleeves too!). I already have black spandex/lycra which I can use for the top, and I've ordered lilac duchess satin for the skirt. Along with that, I've ordered a huge amount of organza samples for her sleeves - they're not black, it's like a weird dark grey colour. Fingers crossed we get somewhere with that!

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