Babydoll - Sucker Punch


I had two really hideous versions of this when I was first starting out with cosplay, and I want to repent for my sins and try again properly this time ;_;

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Knee-High Socks
Hazel Contact Lenses
Sword Holster

Total cost: £46.58

13th September 2018

Achievement Unlocked: Shoes Completed

Babydoll's shoes are a Mary-Jane style black pair with a T-bar strap and chunky brown heels with brown detailing along the seams and edges. I found a near-identical pair of Mary-Jane T-Strap Clarkes shoes being sold on Vinted, and I bought Angelus acrylic leather paint in Black and Light Brown. I first painted the soles of the shoes and the inside of the straps black, before painting the heel and outlining the shoes and straps in the light brown. Pictured is the before and after shots of the shoes. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but I might neaten up the brown edges closer to the convention.

22nd August 2018

Socks Obtained

I'd misplaced the socks I'd used originally for this costume, and from what I remember they were tight and uncomfortable anyway since they were 100% cotton. I found a pair of nylon/polyester knee-high socks on Ebay (seller code4design2011) for £2.60 instead - they are the softest and most comfortable things ever! They also fit with the screen version perfectly. I'm going to get some clothes (boob?) tape later on so that they stay up for the whole convention.

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