Sucker Punch

Cosplayer: Triforceofdragons

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

23rd October 2018: Progress: Top - 2 All the white paint is done (hopefully, although I think there may be a few areas I might need to touch up), and I also painted the tie and knot that came with the costume a dark grey using acrylic paint. I just need to paint over the navy stripes again where I got white paint on them, and then alter the length of the top, and that'll be the top completed!

16th October 2018: Progress: Top Nothing like leaving your cosplay until 10 days before the con to start seriously working on it (!). Today I painstakingly unstitched the middle ribbons from the sleeves and the collar so that there are only two. I then painted the first layer of white fabric paint on the collar. Tomorrow I need to go buy more fabric paint, sew the top and sleeves so its shorter, and paint the white ribbon on the collar navy blue. Gotta love cosplay.

5th October 2018: Progress: Sword Sheath/Scabbard My first ever scabbard was this same exact one but kept the original colour, tied around me with some string...! This time I've opted to make it as screen accurate as I can, given how hard it is to find a plain scabbard that doesn't come with a sword and also isn't super expensive. Once again I bought a fancy dress ninja sword and sheath for £2.99, only this time I painted the sheath a medium-brown colour to match Babydoll's. Babydoll's sheath is plain with yellow snowflakes on it but I opted to not have the snowflakes and keep the cool dragon pattern on this one instead because I think it looks cooler lol. I just need to paint one final layer and seal the opposite side, and then attach the belt I'll be using to wear it comfortably around the con.

3rd October 2018: Mission: Top By far one of the more complex elements on this costume, the next thing I'm working on is Babydoll's top. Initially I was going to buy a similar top and make my own sailor collar, but it was much cheaper to buy a Japanese school girl fancy dress/cosplay costume instead and just alter it. It is dark blue, it just looks darker in image! The things I have to do now are:

- Cut the excess fabric off so the top is shorter and hem it
- Remove the centre part of the sailor collar (I want to call it a modesty panel but I don't think thats right lol)
- Paint over the middle lines on the sleeves so only two white are visible
- Reverse the colours on the collar - blue has to be white and vice versa
- Sew a button on the front
- Dye the scarf and the tie/knot a light grey-silvery colour

So...not much! Joking aside, most of it is fairly simple to alter so this shouldn't take too long :)

2nd October 2018: Achievement Unlocked: Hand Wrap Completed I bought a pair of hand wraps a year or so ago from Amazon that were designed for boxing/martial arts and looked perfect for Babydoll's. Last time I did this costume I just used some bandages, so this is definitely an improvement! I cut the length in half since it was way too long, and bulky when I wrapped it. To make them look more worn and battle weary I then washed them in heavily diluted black acrylic paint and, apart from a few spots here and there which get covered when I wrap it anyway, I think they look pretty great!

13th September 2018: Achievement Unlocked: Shoes Completed Babydoll's shoes are a Mary-Jane style black pair with a T-bar strap and chunky brown heels with brown detailing along the seams and edges. I found a near-identical pair of Mary-Jane T-Strap Clarkes shoes being sold on Vinted, and I bought Angelus acrylic leather paint in Black and Light Brown. I first painted the soles of the shoes and the inside of the straps black, before painting the heel and outlining the shoes and straps in the light brown. Pictured is the before and after shots of the shoes. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but I might neaten up the brown edges closer to the convention.

22nd August 2018: Socks Obtained I'd misplaced the socks I'd used originally for this costume, and from what I remember they were tight and uncomfortable anyway since they were 100% cotton. I found a pair of nylon/polyester knee-high socks on Ebay (seller code4design2011) for £2.60 instead - they are the softest and most comfortable things ever! They also fit with the screen version perfectly. I'm going to get some clothes (boob?) tape later on so that they stay up for the whole convention.