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Amecon 2016


Crystal Neko and myself were talking a while ago and mentioned how we never got round to cosplaying Fluttershy and Rarity together, back when MLP was popular cosplay wise. So we figured since most of the hype has gone down we would have a laugh together :D

These will be for Amecon 2016!

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 30 October, 2015 - 01:30
*gasp* Yay... I look forward to seeing you two at Amecon.

possible jacket

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31st May 2016

In progress

Fluttershy is being worked on! I've got a potential dress for Fluttershy but need to try it on with everything as I think it might be too mustardy in colour. I got a tealy blue crochet cardigan to wear on top which I'm planning to embroider the butterfly cutie marks onto so that will look cute! I've also got two wigs from Coscraft in Rose Pink, a new shade which looked great for her - I'm planning to sew them into one so I have an uber thick wig I can tease and maybe get some waves into :> As for shoes, I can wear the pink ones I got for Marie as they'll suit!

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