Thorn (Mix of normal and Amano) - Final Fantasy IX


We were originally gonna get Zorn and Thorn done for Amecon for the FFIX group but due to flat moving, we've pushed them back til EGX for ECG <3

Looking forward to planning and wearing these little shits

InfiniteJester posted on 30 October, 2015 - 23:40
Can't wait to see this!!


Total cost: £0.00

21st September 2016


oop sorry I hardly updated this page ;__; once EGX is over this weekend I'll add all the other progress photos and update the journal :D

15th August 2016

Prosthetics #4

hollaaa ok so Here's the nose! I ended up having to resculpt a lot of the stuff as the clay cracked and crumbled apart so I put the latex on BEFORE it dried which helped XDD next time I'll know, or just use a oil based clay, yknow... Anyway after like 15 layers of latex I smothered it all in talc powder and wallaaa one huge ass nose. Since the photo was taken I've stuffed the big bit with cotton wool and latex to fill it out and help it keep it's shape, but I'm pretty happy with them all! I'm sitting on the fence about whether to buy ears or make them myself but I'm pushing it to one side as I need to start focusing on the actual materials themselves for the costume XDD I've got a unisex shirt pattern I'll be using for the white undertops (the ones with all the buttons) so I'll hopefully be making those :3

8th August 2016

Prosthetics #3

And here is my first sculpt! It's for Thorn's nose and I'm impressed with how it came out, though it's not completely perfect XDD my aim is to try and sponge latex onto it to create the prosthetic and see how it is, before deciding if I'm going to make a new mould of the sculpt and cast it out of silicone instead.

8th August 2016

Prosthetics #2

Ok so after putting alginate and plaster strips on my nose and chin and letting them set, I pulled them off and filled the moulds with plaster and let it dry then pulled off the moulds to get my first casting! I'm pretty happy with these!

8th August 2016

Prosthetics #1

Here please take a look at this candid photo of me with alginate and plaster strips on my face thank

6th August 2016

Here come dat progress

oh shit waddup ok so now amecon is over I can start to get things together for these little twats - I've purchased some white cotton sateen to dye red and blue as I was struggling to budget buying stuff like cotton jardin in the colours I needed so eh just gonna dye it myself :) I also got some alginate and plaster to cast bits of my face for the prosthetics!

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