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I'm learning to skate xD

I shall customise my cheapo skates and wobble around looking awesome with goggles and a jumpsuit <3

The only reason I'm doing this cosplay is because it has googles, a hat and skates xD And a jumpsuit. and she's pretty cool?

I managed to get it done in time for ayacon, but it was a bit too short of the body, and during a game of cosplay rounders, i lent down to get the ball....and heard an almighty rip >.<

Needless to say this wasn't the only problem i had with the white cotton drill i used. It kept fraying and caused a lot of holes in the other costume i used it for.

It was repaired quickly though, and I'll have to sort it out before i next wear it xD I've had this problem with jumpsuit cosplays before. I make them too short in the body and then can't bend over comfortably xD


stripey_dani posted on 1 June, 2009 - 00:11
Oh ho ho bra on show eh? Sexeh!

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Progress Journal

17th July 2009

Jump! For my...suit..

The main body of the jumpsuit is done! THe white stripes are fraying a bit so I'll have to restitch them

No sleeves yet. I'm vaguely dreading them. So many details and things to add >.< I'll sit down someday soon and just plough through them. No images yet. I need to get someone to take photos for me xD