The Gentleman with the Thistle-down Hair - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell


In 1607 there was a silversmith named Redshaw who lived in the kingdom of Halifax West Yorkshire who inherited a Turkish rug. He woke to find the carpet covered in Leigons of tiny people about two inches high. They rode white polecats and were battling with knives and forks...

I am sorry, that is not what I meant to say.

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17th October 2015

A Cravat or a Jabot...

I have come upon the issue of the Gentleman's Cravat. Looking at tutorials on making cravats, none of them have the frilly quality that the Gentleman's cravat seems to possess. In an interview with costume designer Barbara Kidd for www.bbcamerica.com, Kidd says that "The Gentleman wears a more ostentatious, frilly cravat, more in keeping with the previous era rather than the simplicity of the Regency." So I've decided to make a sort of half-cravat-half-jabot, which I will detail here.

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