The Vault Dweller (Vault 13) - Fallout


Worn (by my brother) to:
London MCM Comic Con October 2015 - Saturday

This is a Fallout Vault suit that I made for my brother to wear at the October MCM London Comic Con 2015, to go with my Vault 77 Vault Dweller. It will be good to have someone else from the same series to walk around with at the convention, especially as Fallout 4 is due to come out in the following month so there should be lots of Fallout cosplayers around.

This is a basic non-weathered vault suit made in the same way that I made my Vault 77 suit (refer to the journal for that costume if you want more details on how I made it). The only differences are that there is no yellow strip around the back of the waist like there was on my costume (as that part was so difficult to do and is not really essential to the overall costume) and the black parts of the sleeves are made of black satin rather than leather (as leather is expensive and hard to sew). The satin looks ok in place of the leather and this led me to replace the leather on the left arm of my own costume to help the PipBoy to fit better and hopefully make it more comfortable. I still kept the old leather part to slip over the sleeve when I take the PipBoy off.

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Boiler Suit
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