Euphemia li Britannia
Code Geass

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: Artwork

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

19th October 2015: Sleeve mock up Made my own pattern for the sleeves using maths.

The puff sleeve is roughly three times the circumference of where it is on my arm and box pleated. The middle section fits my arm exactly and then the floaty sleeve is a circle with an inner circumference of twice the circumference above my elbow and gathered in.

I used the scallop stitch technique to see how it looks and I like it, I'm quite pleased with my sleeves! Attaching it to the bodice has caused me such grief though, I just was not understanding how to do it until I looked up tons of images of different bodices, mainly ballet ones as I know they have the most movement! I think I understand it now, but as I was running out of time, I've already taken apart all my mock ups so my final test will have to be the real thing, haha!

I've cut out most of my fabric and I've sewn up the bodice out of the main fabric, but I'm waiting on more fabric to arrive... As well as me finishing up an essay I need to write which is due the Monday after MCM Expo, so naturally that takes priority. Help XD

19th October 2015: Bodice Mock up II I modified Simplicity 1215 to complete the bodice mock up. The bodice mock up must have taken me three tries to get right, it's such a pain to pattern out!

19th October 2015: Bodice Mock up I I modified Simplicity 1345 to get this look! Added in a couple extra panels for the lacing she has.

19th October 2015: Hem Experimentation Euphie's hem isn't straight anywhere! Luckily my machine is primarily used for quilting and it has this funky scallop hem.

I set it to stitch length 1 to get the wider scallops.

For the final thing I'll be using fray check to go over the scallops before cutting it!