Himura Kenshin (Hitokiri Battosai) - Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X


The costume consists of:

White cotton shitagi
Blue vintage silk kimono with a subtle sakura pattern in dulled antique gold
White tetron hakama
White tetron obi
Black Tabi
Navy blue vintage wool haori
Pale blue polyester pashmina type scarf
Pair of black tabi
Pair of black fingerless gloves modified to look like kote
A pair of straw zori which had the toe thongs wrapped with white cotton tape to make them the correct colour.
Two wooden bokken with plastic saya and cotton sageo. (Or Iaito if permission is granted by venue)
Arda Wig: Jeannie in dark copper red
Pink contour liner

Apart from the shitagi, kimono, haori and scarf the items were reused from my Kusaka Touma cosplay.

I chose to put this cosplay together as a result of what happened at Nine Worlds 2015. Despite cosplaying Kusaka Touma at 9W I was called Kenshin on numerous occasions so I thought, 'hell why not' and put the cosplay together for MCM London ComicCon. Very few people recognised me, but that hardly surprised me as most are familiar with Himura Kenshin after he forsakes the life of an assassin not when he is still the Battosai.

The hardest part of putting this cosplay together was, the wig. I normally use my own hair for cosplay costumes so this is the first costume where I've actually worn a wig. By gawd I hate cutting and styling wigs, the wig didn't turn out too bad, though the more disheveled it looks the better. I will be attending more panels at future conventions that deal with wig cutting styling and care. The original wig I had for this cosplay died at WynterCon 2, I have since replaced the wig with one from Arda which is infinitely more comfortable to wear and far easier to look after.

The easiest part of this costume, was recycling the bits I already had. However ironing a hakama is a royal pain in the backside, a can of starch and clothes pegs are your best friends when it comes to getting the creases in the right places!

While researching the character and the costume I discovered that Himura Kenshin was based on an actual Hitokiri by the name of Kawakami Gensai, who was executed by the Meiji government on January 13th 1872. I ended up reading up a lot on the Kawakami, and the other three notorious Hitokiri of the time, well what I could without resorting to google translate. Once again I lost myself in reading and history and very nearly didn't complete the cosplay. However it did make for interesting reading and has given me more background for Kusaka Touma as well as both characters are from the same period in Japanese history.

Costume has appeared at:
MCM London Comic Con October 2015
WynterCon 2
MCM Birmingham Comic Con March 2016
Kitacon Karnivale

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