Joey Wheeler/Jounouchi Katsuya - Yu-Gi-Oh!




I chose to make this costume as I absolutely adore Joey, I think he is hilarious!
However once again it didn’t turn out how I would of hoped.

I feel like I let him down like I did with my Sailor Jupiter one, this was once again another self made cosplay as I’m sure you can all tell.

I once again did this is a rush and didn’t spend as much time as I should of or need to… and I felt so disappointed in myself.
But I couldn’t help myself I just relay want to cosplay him.

I made the T-shirt by buying a plain shirt and then using felt tip pen to colour the detail one … that didn’t work well.. Should of used fabric pain or pens if anything but I didn’t think of that ^^;
The trouser and shoes where the easy part.

The wig…. The wig… -cringes-
I cant stand it… I don’t know what I was doing when I tried to style it.. I had never styled a wig before and thought I be fine and that I could do it on my own.
I was wrong .. So wrong… T.T
IT just got worse and worse…

I didn’t really think over how I was going to make this cosplay like I did with my Sailor Jupiter one so it just turned out the same.
But I am going to start planning things and working on them a lot better from now on.


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