David Nassau - The Last Remnant



Worn at Animecon 2016 in the Netherlands, and will be worn again at LFCC in summer 2016!

Nesproxy posted on 22 January, 2016 - 19:17
Wow, gorgeous choice! I look forward to seeing this. :)

Manticore Arts posted on 6 June, 2016 - 22:50

Amy-Lou posted on 14 June, 2016 - 19:35
The fabulous Daviiiid! This costume is so detailed, it is utterly lush! Congratulations on successfully swapping characters :D

Storme posted on 15 June, 2016 - 16:02
It felt weird all day having swapped! (But I'm pleased at how it turned out anyway. :D)

6th June 2016


The last bits of sewing and painting have been completed! It all looks right when put together, and it's such a relief honestly. :)

4th June 2016

David progress

The much painting is done -- Pez did it all, I take no credit for that -- and the black panel is sewn onto the base of the coat and suddenly it's all looking a lot more like the final product! I have lines to paint on the black, the chest emblem to put on the leather jerkin, the chain-and-tassles to go on the coat, little silver buttons to go on the sides of the coat, and the inner lining to finish. But we're nearly nearly there, hooray!

4th June 2016

Straps and choker

I made the arm-straps and the choker. The choker even has a cute buckle, tho it's going to be on the back when I wear it.

2nd June 2016

Coat continued

The leather swirls for the coat have been edge-painted, the silver dots added to them, and then put onto the coat front. And Pez painted the back! It's so awesome.

1st June 2016

slow and steady

David progress! I am using the gloves that Pez used in her David costume, because I commissioned them for her from a knitting friend and they’re still awesome and perfect. David’s pants are ridiculous, but they’re done. I remade the leather jerkin so the neckline was low enough and it wasn’t darted to hell. I also reused Pez’s David belt (repainting it) because why not. All the sewing is done on the coat! I have been painting edges on all the leather strips tonight, and I need to make the black lining/longer section of the coat soon. Pez took pity on my awful inability to paint complex patterns symmetrically and is painting the back of the coat for me, bless her.

15th May 2016

coat 1

Progress on David’s coat! I made the lining as a sort of template for the outside, so that once I had the panel shapes worked out I could just pin the panels onto that base to check the size/shapes/placements. Then I measured the panels to find out exactly how much bias binding I need to buy for the next step – endless edging. I’m not happy with the brown side panels here; the brown suede is far too light (the perils of buying fabric online). Pez dug up the leather salvaged from her old Sigmund cosplay and there’s just enough of it for me to cut the two panels I need from that. It’s still a bit light-coloured but it will likely be easier for me to shade it darker. It is super heavy though. We’ll see!

4th May 2016


I bought a pair of long white-leather boots on eBay -- non-slouchy boots were hard to find ! I've cut them down a little and added the flaps at the top. Next up: the kneeguards and the buttons on the flaps. I don't think I'm fussed about making them more accurate than that, because I am pretty sure I can't make close-fitting boot covers in a fabric that looks like the one here. So I'm deliberately ignoring it. :D

21st April 2016

Shirt, jerkin

So far I've nearly finished the shirt (needs that collar stripe) and I've half-made the jerkin -- needs that gold pattern adding, and the zip at the back, and hemming. I changed my mind on the grey fabric -- I started with grey suede, which had a nice texture but which was too muddy a grey, and it looked not grey enough for me. Now it's a heavy stretch jersey, which is a better colour by far. It's really ambiguous in the game what the grey bit is supposed to be -- armour? fabric? -- so I went with comfort.

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