Miqo'te female (Foestriker's Set) - Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn


Showcased 8th February 2016 What is this?


Making this for Dreamhack Winter 2015 in Sweden.

Zelvyne posted on 5 November, 2015 - 15:16
This is looking great so far - I love the armour set you've picked, and the leather looks so good for it.

Storme posted on 5 November, 2015 - 17:34
Thanks! I'm hoping I can do it justice in the short time I have to make it. :)

Toptom-kun924 posted on 30 November, 2015 - 17:03
WHOA That's Amazing :D such an awesome piece of gear wish it would drop for me though but the leather,armor and all the little bit's to make that costume complete look stunning !!

Storme posted on 30 November, 2015 - 21:26
Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. (I was recruited by a friend and had a bunch of silver chocobo feathers as a result, so I used those to buy the set. I've never seen the tabard actually come up as a drop in dungeons, I only ever see the boots drop!)

Amy-Lou posted on 3 January, 2016 - 17:55
Chainmaille and leather mastery! You did a brilliant job on this :)

Storme posted on 3 January, 2016 - 22:50
Next time I don't decide to do something this mad so soon before the event! But thank you. :)

Valentine Cosplay Gaming posted on 8 February, 2016 - 00:26
Wow looks amazing.

ShadowofShinra posted on 8 February, 2016 - 10:27
Congratulations on the showcase! Definitely well-deserved, this is a beautifully put-together cosplay.

Storme posted on 8 February, 2016 - 17:59
Thank you all! <3

No thanks posted on 9 February, 2016 - 06:39
congratulations on the showcase! Well deserved!

Storme posted on 10 February, 2016 - 21:42
Thanks! <3

Dax79 posted on 12 February, 2016 - 09:28
I love this cosplay! Its been great seeing it on the home page all week :)

Storme posted on 14 February, 2016 - 20:44
Thank you! <3

24th November 2015


I bought grey base boots, then added the eyelets/lacing, the gold upper trim and the black cuffs. This was not hard, hooray for a simple costume bit!

22nd November 2015


Pez helped me plan out how to do the armwraps because I tried several times and couldn't get anything to look good; in the end, it seemed best to have each arm as one piece rather than as two separate pieces. The buckles were silver and had to be sprayed gold. The rivets are simple split pins; the ones on the silver bits had to be painted silver to match. The gold/cream trim at the top is actually what you can see through all the gaps, so I need to make tubes for my arms from that next!

18th November 2015

Chainmail bag

The bulk of the chainmail bag wasn't too hard, once I had the mail pieces ready and figured out how to chain them together. The black inner bag is made from the same wool used under the chainmail elsewhere (and in the skirt of the coat), and I just happened to have a zip the same colour as the belts that I could use! The mail is all chained through the fabric, because it looks pretty (and because the inner fabric is hanging from the chainmail instead of the other way around -- which means the fabric isn't having to support the weight of the chainmail; if it was, I would worry about the fabric tearing). The armour piece for the front of it is currently primed and drying before it gets painted to match the other armour/metal pieces, and I'm about to go figure out how to cover belts with suede in a pretty fashion. :D

17th November 2015


Tonight I made a tail! I slimmed down a pool noodle so it was a more appropriate thickness, then I chopped it up into segments. Each segment is shaped at the end so that it can move like a spine segment. There’s a cord through the whole thing, and a strap glued along one side for extra strength. A lot of tutorials add extra wire through the length of the noodle, so you can move it by tugging on the wire, but I just need this to give a good shape and movement to my tail, not to move on command. The whole thing is then covered in fur -- this fur is the same as on my ears, and is too long and has darker tips, and looks sort of wolfish right now. I’ll be trimming most of it down to the silver, only leaving some darker tips at the very end. Tails: you can make them in one evening!

16th November 2015

various accoutrements

A lot of progress this weekend; lots of painting on the various bits of 'metal' so far. The water horn that goes on the back was a special challenge; in the end, the body ended up being carved from polystyrene I managed to rescue from a neighbor throwing it out, and then that's covered in foam and then painted. The stopper is lots of rescued worbla scraps, all mushed together and then sprayed gold. Lots more to do, but the costume's starting to look more like it should.

16th November 2015


I finished the chainmail sleeves -- you can see here that I had to put eyelets in the fabric so I could use leather to connect the mail to it, because connecting chainmail to fabric is awkward as hell.

14th November 2015

more metal bits from worbla

Chainmail, and this, that's been taking up all my time. Only a few more bits to go and I can start priming/painting them all!

13th November 2015

worbla pieces

Here's the worbla work on the buckle and one of the belt ornaments, and also the connections that are needed! The pauldron has a ring so I can connected it to the epaulette (and a safety pin to keep it steady) and the belt pieces have jump rings because they're there in the game (and some of them have armour pieces hanging off them). I say jump rings, but actually they're old curtain rings we had around the place! (Using Worbla's Black Art because it's rather more forgiving of placement errors than traditional WFA -- the glue is less sticky, so bits put in the wrong place can be peeled off and repositioned. With pieces this fiddly, that's super useful.)

10th November 2015

Leather coat-skirts

Since I haven't updated on the coat for a while -- a lot of it is done at this point! Yesterday I sewed on the various skirt layers -- which has made the coat very heavy, but it swirls pleasingly when I twirl. There are lots of little bits that still need doing -- like the belts that sit on the sides and which cover those joins between top and skirts, and the sleeves, and lots of other things that I need to make 'metal' trimmings for. So I need to crack on with those!

9th November 2015

pauldron 1

I started on the shoulder pauldron. We might sell it in our shop, but I don't often make things with worbla -- which you can see here from how I messed up! Basically I started by making paper templates, from which I cut foam pieces for the inner core and shape. Then I cut out slightly larger pieces of worbla and shaped them over the foam to get the two sides of the pauldron. Then I tried to join the two pieces together, and, uh, didn't quite manage to do so as nicely as I'd hoped. I patched up the wonky area with black worbla (because it's smoother and so the join should be less obvious once this is sanded and painted). Then, because I had the black worbla to hand anyway, I made the little patch that's on one side of the pauldron! Also, because this is me, I managed to blister my finger on the heat gun. At this point I have injured my hands for every single part of this cosplay, in new and inventive times. I hope nobody minds my Miqo'te having battle-damaged hands.

8th November 2015

undershirt 1

I've made the base of the undershirt! It laces up so I could get a tight fit while also using a non-stretch material. It needs the little bat motif adding, and also more chainmail to hang from under the bottom of the coat by the belts. But I'm pleased with it so far!

6th November 2015


It's like knitting with metal. And I'm not a fan of knitting. Sigh. (A bag. A top. And sleeve bits. Chainmail all over, dammit.)

5th November 2015

Wig 2

Styling this was a lot more trouble than you'd expect, because I was having a very clumsy day. And sewing ears on symmetrically is not a skill I seem to have. But the wig is finished!

3rd November 2015

Wig 1

To make the hair, I started with an Alex style wig (from Coscraft :P). I needed to create three partings; one across the whole width of the wig, one from the midpoint to the front, and one from the midpoint down the back. The Alex style is very thick, but it’s not especially designed for being parted like this. I added the first and second false partings by sewing wefts directly onto the wig and then bending them back on themselves with heat to hide the weft base. The last parting – the long one from the midpoint all the way down the back – I made by sewing wefts onto a piece of bias binding, and again bending them back on themselves to get a hidden weft base. I then attached the whole pre-made parting onto the wig, and ta-da, a back parted wig!

1st November 2015


I'd never made ears before, so I followed a tutorial by evil-siren on DeviantArt and I'm really pleased by the result! I've since trimmed down the fur along the edges and inside of the ear, and it looks even better than in these pictures.

29th October 2015

Hammered pleats

So I need to put a few pleats in the skirts of the coat. It turns out that to pleat real leather, you hammer it repeatedly. It's fun! And effective. (And, um. Don't hammer your thumb like I did. Sigh.)

26th October 2015


This is how far I've gotten today, from half a toile this morning. I need to buy green thread (whee) and wait for some cording/straps to arrive before I can sew the black side panels on. Tomorrow I can sew the seams on the hood and sew the inside facing pieces together, though. It's coming together!

26th October 2015

leather sewing

I was a little worried about sewing the leather panels together; it turns out our old toyota machine is more than capable of handling the stuff, however. Hooray! I'm really pleased with how the seams look at the moment.

25th October 2015

Conditioning the leather

I've cut out my fabric for the coat; since I'm using real (unused desk) leather, I'm conditioning the hell out of it. This makes it more supple and gives the colour a bit more depth, and I'm hoping will make it easier to work with for sewing etc.

25th October 2015

Pattern pieces

Having chopped up the toile, I now have pattern pieces (mostly without seam allowance, which I need to remember).

25th October 2015

Toile 2

Now with skirts! I need to shrink down the hood a little, I think, but otherwise, whee, now I get to make pattern shapes out of this. My toile only has one sleeve because the top half of the coat is symmetrical so I only need one side for patterns, and to hell with setting in two sleeve heads when I only have to do one really. :D

24th October 2015


The coat is really tight-fit on the top half, and I'm a slightly awkward shape (see, eg, that dart at the back) so I'm making a toile that I can then cut up in the right panel shapes. I need to make the skirt of the coat for the toile too, I think, just so I can get the sizing right -- I have some lovely red leather to use and I really don't want to waste any of it if I can help it.

24th October 2015

5 weeks to make this haha

First step: draw out the actual panelling on the coat so I know what I'm doing. :D

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