Shinji Ikari (School Uniform) - Neon Genesis Evangelion


ALcon 2015


I've been wanting to Cosplay Shinji for quite some time, in both the plugsuit and the School Uniform variations so this year I thought I'd finally give it a go. I've cosplayed Shinji in the past but I don't really think I did a great job of capturing the character. I didn't have my hair done properly, I didn't really work on any poses, get any proper photos and a few other things. This time I really wanted to go for it, my confidence in cosplaying has increased ever so slightly thanks to people I've met.

The cosplay itself is fairly basic, a white short sleeved shirt that can be purchased in any UK Supermarket and black trousers which I've got plenty of pairs on. The shoes are standard Black/White Converse.

I'm not one for crafting, I like to wear costumes but I don't have the skills developed to make items. In this case however I had a go at making the DSS Choker Shinji wears in Rebuild 3.0. It was quite simple, just black ribbon, two rectangular pieces of cardboard with red material over it. It's attached via a piece of velcro. Nothing difficult but as a first attempt at making something it came out well.

The Clips were supposed to be for the plugsuit variation but I thought I'd wear them here mostly for recognition. I got these off of a seller on ETSY, they're very lightweight, comfortable to wear.

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