Princess Jasmine - Aladdin


Kitacon 2015


Princess Jasmine and my Aladdin

One day we'll make a Rajah too <3

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15th June 2015


100% complete - cosplay test

17th April 2015


Handmade the ear plugs/earrings (yay for stretched ears!) and headband Necklace purchased and not seen, but bangles later bought

16th April 2015

Wig progress

Wig complete - after much hassle attaching separate strands from a ponytail wig to the puffs of Princess Jasmine's hair and using a lifetime's supply of hairspray to hold it together and wiring, it is done! -_-

16th April 2015

Wig progress

Wig continued - attaching polystyrene balls

15th April 2015

Wig progress

Sewn in a wig rat into the seams of the wig to make a "roll" effect surrounding the head

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Online - 19th June

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